Anna was born in Madison, Wisconsin, where she spent her childhood creating elaborate adventures for a variety of Barbie dolls and toy animals. From ages five to ten, she attended what she fondly refers to as "hippy school", otherwise known as an arts magnet elementary school. There, under the tutelage of a particularly creative and dedicated teacher, she discovered her love of both acting and storytelling through class plays and a plethora of creative writing assignments. This passion led her to stints with a touring children's theater company, high school theater, and several community theater groups before she eventually gave in to cliche and followed her dreams to New York City, where she has spent the past four years studying stage combat and learning to emulate the badass heroes of page and screen that she worshipped growing up. 

Her love of film was ignited, as was so many others', with the released of the Lord of the Rings franchise. She was fascinated by the intricacies of bringing the story to life on screen, leading her to pursue an interest in adapted screenwriting. Though her education has been unconventional, her lessons more school-of-life than classroom, she has spent the years since reading books, attending lectures, engaging in heated discussions, and soaking up every experience and sliver of information that comes her way. She relishes getting her hands dirty, and she throws herself into each opportunity with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn and succeed.

She picked up her first tarot deck at the tender age of thirteen in an attempt to keep up with her best friend's forays into what passed as dark and edgy to pre-teens in the midwest. Though she was not particularly talented at using it - her questions were far too literal and her interpretations far too clumsy - she kept coming back to it long after her friends had moved on to other pursuits. After many years, several new decks, and a fateful Fourth of July picnic where she faked her way through readings for a queue of eager friends, Anna finally hit her stride and has never looked back. Her reading style is no-nonsense and straight to the point, and she has been offering readings to rave reviews for the last five years.

A proud feminist, Anna's passion for the arts is matched only by her passion for activism, thanks to the influence of her bold and outspoken parents. She is fascinated by the power of media to not only portray real-world struggles but also to change minds and shape the collective consciousness, and it is her goal to work on projects that both entertain and encourage discussions of difficult topics. She holds a special place in her heart for the Riot Grrrl movement and the girl power films of the 90s and early 00s. 

Anna is currently working toward her goal of being a film actress, screenwriter, professional tarot reader, and all around force of nature. She lives in New York with her two cats. 

Fun Facts About Anna

  1. The best compliment I have ever received was that I have a 90s-era "Charmed" vibe about me.
  2. I believe that lemurs are the best animals on the planet. I will fight you on this. I will win.
  3. My favorite beverage is green tea with rosehips and honey. I drink at least one cup every morning.
  4. If I could travel in time to any point in history, I would join the Algonquin Round Table.
  5. The six people I would invite to dinner, living or dead, are Harpo Marx, Veronica Varlow, Peter Jackson, Dame Judi Dench, Amy Poehler, and Sir Terry Pratchett.
  6. I think the best feeling in the world is a close tie between writing for hours while a cat sleeps on the desk beside me and swordfighting in the pouring rain.
  7. My favorite fictional characters are Alanna of Trebond, Samwise Gamgee, Eilonwy daughter of Angharad, and Samuel Vimes.
  8. The first movies I remember loving were the animated 101 Dalmatians and Harvey. 
  9. I am something of a magpie and am constantly filling my pockets with stray pennies, lost marbles, sparkly rocks, and other shiny or interesting objects I find strewn about the city.
  10. My first tarot deck was the Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley & Lady Frieda Harris. I still use it to this day.