Life Updates & November Tarotscopes

Hello, readers, it's been a while. Usually I try to write at least one blog post a month in addition to my tarotscopes, but the past two months have been rather hectic. I even took photos for October's Tarotscopes and then never had a chance to finish writing them up! I'm not complaining. Being busy isn't necessarily a bad thing, and in my case life filled up with some exciting and wonderful experiences that just didn't leave much time for writing (or, when I did have time, my brain was fried and I just wanted to zone out to Netflix instead). 

Over the last two months, I went home to Wisconsin to visit my family, help my sister pack for her move to New York, and meet my best friend's adorable baby. It was as relaxing as a trip home can ever be - I tried to take my time in the mornings, drinking tea on the back porch and drawing tarot cards while my mom's chickens wandered around the yard and our adorable corgi lay nearby, but by evening things were pretty packed, and I didn't see nearly as many people or do nearly as many things as I would have liked. Upon my return, I landed a role in a short film and finished filming on Tamburlaine the Great. I attended a dear friend's wedding and my boyfriend's high school reunion, partied it up for Halloween as Ash from The Fantastic Mr. Fox and told ghost stories at an open mic. I put my sister up on my couch for 3 weeks while she looked for an apartment then helped her paint, buy furniture, and move in. I read tarot at an awesome Tarot Techno dance party at Lot 54 in Bushwick and again at a friend's Halloween party, in addition to my usual Friday nights at Precious Metal and the readings that people booked online. And, of course, I walked a lot of adorable, rambunctious dogs. Life was good, if exhausting, but I'm happy it's settling down a bit now, and even more happy that I can attempt to get back to my schedule of writing entries here.

November has snuck up on me, but I didn't want to miss more than a month of Tarotscopes. This month's readings were done with the Heart of Stars Tarot, my newest deck that was gifted to me by my amazing and generous sister. It's a gorgeous pop culture-heavy deck that adds a little fun and modernity to the traditional tarot structure. I hope you enjoy it!



Scorpio - Six of Wands

Happy birthday, dearest Scorpios! This month, you are being urged to take some time to celebrate all that you have accomplished so far. The Six of Wands represents victory in the midst of great efforts and being on-track to achieve your goals. Just as blowing up the (first) Death Star and the celebration that followed did not signify the end of the Rebellion's fight against the Empire, your work is far from over, but that doesn't mean your achievements are trivial. Far from it, in fact. If anything, the successes that you are currently enjoying are indicative of the fact that you are more than capable of overcoming the odds and reaching your ultimate goals. And this is why it is so important that you seize this opportunity to pat yourself on the back and take a victory lap. It is much too easy to see only how far you have left to go and categorize yourself as a failure for not being closer to your final destination, and nothing takes the wind out of your sails like the feeling that the obstacles before you are insurmountable. By giving yourself a break and celebrating all that you have done, you are able to measure your progress from the beginning and to gain perspective on your true abilities. You can regain your energy and stoke yourself up for the battles that lie before you instead of pushing and pushing until you have burned yourself out. So take a night off. Commemorate your wins. Boost your ego. You have worked hard for this moment, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.



Sagittarius - Three of Pentacles

Sagittarius, this month's message is to slow down and focus on making a plan and building a strong foundation for your future quests before you attempt them. The Three of Pentacles is a powerful reminder that without extensive preparation and anticipation of potential pitfalls, your work will crumble around your ears the minute you reach your first major obstacle. Though the planning stages may be frustrating at times, they are also invaluable. They give you a chance to fully visualize the path ahead of you, to prepare for what lies ahead, to seek the council and opinions of others and perhaps even gather a team of co-conspirators to help you in your endeavors. After all, without the knowledge and advice of Elrond Halfelven, Thorin and Company would never have learned of the Moon Runes or how to open the doors to the Lonely Mountain, and their quest would have been for naught. So, while it may be tempting to skip this stage and rush forward to the more exciting parts, you do so at your peril. Luck and passion can only get you so far, and when you do eventually hit a wall you want to be sure that you have everything in your arsenal prepped and ready to come to your aid. Look at this as an opportunity to ensure the odds of success are in your favor. The work you do now will pay off tenfold in the future. 



Capricorn - Seven of Pentacles

Diligent Capricorns, this month you are being called upon to pause and honestly ask yourself if your labor is paying off as richly as you'd hoped. There comes a time in every project or quest when you must take a step back and critically evaluate the work you've done so far. As much as we'd like to believe that we can get things right from the start and that all the effort we put into things will yield impressive results, the fact of the matter is that we are constantly trying, failing, and learning how to improve our chances of success. Sometimes, this requires abandoning the methods that you hold dear in favor of something more effective. Examine the evidence of your accomplishemnts through a practical lens, without your emotional attachments clouding your judgement, and ask yourself where you have been truly successful and where another approach may be warranted. Then, once you have identified the changes you must make, commit to them wholeheartedly and do not look back. As Yoda famously said, "Do or do not. There is no try." While your intentions may be admirable, at the end of the day it comes down to the ultimate question of whether they are yielding results. If the answer is no, then no amount of good intentions will salvage them. Be ruthless in your assessment of your position. It may be frustrating now, but it will help you to learn, grow, and prosper in the long run.



Aquarius - Eight of Wands

Ah, my innovative Aquarians, this month is all about inspiration for you. The Eight of Wands speaks of the breakthroughs that happen in the midst of a journey or effort, the moments of clarity that help you determine where and how to direct your passions and energy. You have been working toward your goals for quite some time now, and it may feel as though all of your efforts have been for nothing or that you've finally hit a roadblock that is insurmountable. It's natural to feel beaten down and exhausted when you have been pushing forward for some time, but good news and fresh options are on the horizon. Keep your eyes open for reinforcements and fresh opportunities. This isn't a call to start over but rather a continuation of everything that you have been fighting for so far and an affirmation that you are on the right path. It may take the form of aid from an external source, or you may just wake up with an "aha!" moment that changes everything, but regardless be prepared for a fresh burst of energy and renewed clarity as to where to turn next. Believe it or not, you've got this whole "life" thing under control and great things are in store for you, so get out there and be the superhero that we all know you to be!



Pisces - Seven of Swords

My fellow sensitive Pisceans, this month you are being called to examine the masks you wear and how they are serving you and your attempts to interact with the world around you. Are they necessary for your protection or are they blockades that prevent you from making authentic connections? The Seven of Swords is the card of deceit, but deception isn't always malicious. Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps us safe in a world full of danger. However, sometimes even deception born out of necessity can cause damage, especially as you try to navigate the world and forge deep bonds with the people you meet. Your mission this month is to ground yourself in your intuition so you can discern when it is safe for you to unmask. If you find yourself feeling on edge and vulnerable, ask yourself whether this sensation is a natural reaction to taking risks and allowing others to see you for who you truly are or whether it's the result of your gut instincts trying to warn you of danger. As the appearance of Jordan Belfort indicates, not everyone has good intentions, and if all your senses are shouting at you that someone is not above board, it is wise to take precautions to protect yourself. But be careful not to retreat so deeply into your armor that you forget how to remove it and be wholly and truly yourself, for without authenticity you will find your life lacking in meaning. Trust your instincts and choose accordingly. They will not steer you wrong.



Aries - The Chariot

Bold and boisterous Aries, The Chariot speaks of taking control of your own destiny. This month you are being pushed to decide for yourself the direction in which you want to take your life and then go out and make it happen. True, there are plenty of risks that accompany this sort of decisive action, but if you sit around and wait for someone else to hand your dreams to you, you will be waiting for a very long time. Sometimes the only way to find a path to your goals is to go out and forge it yourself, come what may. You may earn some bumps and bruises as you push forward, but the satisfaction of victory will more than make up for them. And even if your plans go awry and you go down in flames, you can comfort yourself with the knowledge that at least you tried rather than letting fear get the better of you. Achilles may have died in the Battle of Troy, but his efforts were immortalized in tales and legends. You know you won't be content with a quiet, uneventful life, and while your own adventures may not involve blood and war (and thank goodness for that), they are no less impressive. Gather your courage and strike out after your dreams. At the very least, it will make for a good story.



Taurus - Seven of Wands

Reliable Taurus, this month your message is to keep sight of your goals and push forward regardless of the obstacles you may face. The Seven of Wands represents singleminded dedication to the pursuit of your passions, fighting for your dreams with the cunning and determination represented in this card by the Red Viper himself, Oberyn Martell. It stands as a reminder that success requires defying the odds, and sometimes defying the odds means ignoring their very existence. If you give yourself the chance to pause and think of all the ways you might fail, you will falter and lose your nerve. So lock your eyes on the horizon, and do not look down. When you encounter challenges, face them head on and dismantle them quickly and efficiently. You are resourceful, clever, and capable of handling whatever life throws your way, but it's far too easy to let doubt creep in and trip you up. So don't give it the opportunity. Trust in your ability to achieve everything you set your mind to, then fight like hell to do so. You'll have all the time in the world to sit back and marvel at the impressive feats you've pulled off once you've reached the finish line. Until then, stay focused. You've got this.



Gemini - The Hanged Man

My lively Geminis, this month your message is to take advantage of the new perspectives life is granting you. The Hanged Man shows up when life has turned you upside down and you are faced with the choice of fighting to get back to familiar ground or seeing what opportunities this new angle is offering you. Like Luke discovered in the Wampa's cave, this experience isn't always a pleasant one; in fact, it may be just the opposite. But when your position is out of your control, you can either expend a lot of energy trying to right yourself or you can try to find another way out of it. The message of the Hanged Man is that often going with the flow and utilizing the current situation's options is far more productive than wishing things were different, and you may be surprised the clarity that is brought to you when you allow yourself to see things from a new angle. You just may find the solution to a problem that was troubling you or discover a completely different direction in which to take your life, one which could be far more lucrative than whatever you were initially planning. So while this experience can be unsettling, embrace the discomfort, breathe through it, and then try to use it to your advantage. You never know what will come out of it.



Cancer - Judgement

Intuitive Cancers, at first glance this month's message may seem far outside your comfort zone - after all, Judgement represents leaving the familiar behind, taking a leap of faith and trusting that you will fly rather than fall. But the message of Judgement isn't one of impulsive change, but rather the final step in a long journey, one that you have been preparing for a while. You are being called upon to connect with your instincts, to center yourself in the deep-seated knowledge that this is the right decision for you and take action based on your convictions. True, there is no guarantee that things will turn out the way you are hoping, but try to see this as comforting rather than threatening. While it's possible you may find the reality does not meet your expectations, it is equally possible that it will far exceed them. The fact of the matter is that if you want to move forward, this requires change, and change requires taking risks, in this case carefully calculated risks. But all the calculations in the world can only prepare you so much, and if you're not willing to finally step up to the edge and take the plunge, you will go nowhere. This month you are being offered the opportunity to evolve and take your life to the next level, and as terrifying as that is, the results will be well worth it. Trust that you know what's best for you even if it doesn't always make sense to others and hold onto that knowledge as you step forward into the unknown. Great things are waiting, you just need to step out and meet them halfway. 



Leo - Wheel of Fortune

Dramatic Leos, who knows better than you that life is full of twists of fate? You fluctuate between feeling like everything is coming up Leo and like the whole world is against you on a regular basis. The Wheel of Fortune is a powerful reminder that so much of our life is out of our control and the best thing we can do is spin the wheel, hope for the best, and then make the most of whatever we're handed. After all, just because we can't dictate every event that comes our way doesn't mean we should just give up and succumb to the whims of external forces. If you find yourself feeling like luck is on your side, take advantage of that. Throw your energy into using this good fortune to improve your life and move yourself forward while you have the chance. Eventually the Wheel will spin again, and there will come a time when it does not land in your favor. Similarly, if you are feeling like nothing you do is having a positive effect, take heart. Luck will come around again, it's just a matter of waiting it out. In the meantime, you are still largely responsible for your own health and happiness, so do what you can to work with and mediate the effects of fate, coincidence, divine intervention, or whatever you want to call it. The more you learn to work with the flow of the Universe, the happier you will be. 



Virgo - The World

Good news, Virgos! This month your hard work has paid off and you're seeing the returns on your efforts in a big way. The World encourages you to celebrate your accomplishments and appreciate the present moment, without worrying about what comes next. There's a time and place for planning ahead, but you deserve a break and a chance to just enjoy everything that you've created. This doesn't mean there aren't other goals you're still trying to reach or that everything in your life is going perfectly, but there will always be more you want to achieve. Instead of comparing your progress to a future goal, take a deep breath and appreciate the present moment. Chances are there are several ways in which you are succeeding, all you have to do is look for them. To our knowledge, we only have the one life, so do your best to enjoy it. Aspirations are great motivators, but when you reach a milestone be sure to mark it and give yourself a chance to recharge and just be happy (and exhausted and sad and anything else the completion of this cycle makes you feel). Take a night off from doing to just be. Not only is it good for your mood, but it will make you far more effective in your future pursuits when the time comes to tackle them. You have worked hard for this, Virgo, so celebrate yourself. 



Libra - The Sun

Fairest Libras, this month your message is to tend to your confidence and faith in yourself. The Sun is about being fully, and authentically you and trusting that the people who will appreciate that will find their way to you. Too often in our pursuit of balance and success we try to tone ourselves down, make ourselves smaller or different, and attempt to change in order to fit others' ideas of who we should be (or what we assume they are, at least). But when we dim our lights, we reduce our power and effectiveness and put ourselves into positions where we are not operating to the best of our abilities. It's true that being honest about who you are and showing up as your raw, unfiltered self can be intimidating, maybe even off-putting, to some, but look at this as a test of who you want to invest your time and energy into. Do you really want to forge relationships with people or organizations where you constantly have to mask parts of yourself? Besides, the more you fill your life with people who don't truly understand you and take opportunities that don't utilize your full potential, the less space you leave for those that do match you and the more likely you are to miss out on something incredible. You are an amazing, vibrant, talented person, and you deserve to surround yourself with people and places that validate that about you. Don't dim your light to satisfy someone else. Shine out brighter so that those who are also fumbling in the darkness will have a bright star to navigate by. 


As always, if you enjoyed your tarotscope and would like a more personalized reading, head on over to the Tarot Readings tab to book yours or check out my Etsy shop, Lady Lionheart Tarot. And if you're in the mood for more daily nuggets of wisdom, be sure to follow me on Instagram! I'll try to post another blog between now and next month, but at the very least I will see you in December for next month's readings. 

September Tarotscopes

It's the beginning of September, and I spent the afternoon of September 1st drawing cards, and staging photos so I could get these readings written up in a (semi) timely fashion. This month's readings were done with the Book of Thoth deck by Aleister Crowley and Lady Frieda Harris, which was the very first deck I ever bought back when I was a dorky teenager who was making an attempt at being "edgy". It was a little too advanced for me at the time, so I never got particularly comfortable with it, but about a year ago I decided it was time for me to give it another shot. One thing led to another, and it's now one of my favorite decks to work with. I hope it provides some enlightenment for your month ahead!



Virgo - Two of Disks / Change

Happy birthday, dearest Virgos! Your card this month is the Two of Disks, which reminds you of the importance of balance in your life, especially in the areas that affect your physical reality. Things are moving fast for you right now, and there are a lot of moving parts, so it can be difficult to juggle everything that you have on your plate in a satisfactory fashion. However, finding some sense of equilibrium is going to be imperative to your success. Just because there is a lot going on doesn't mean that it's more than you can handle; in fact, you are quite adept at managing a variety of responsibilities at one time. Figure out which tasks take priority for you this month and find an efficient way to divide up your attention and energy. And, most importantly, don't forget to block time out of your busy schedule to enjoy yourself. It's easy to get caught up in all the different tasks you have to get done and forget to take care of yourself, but part of maintaining balance is keeping your mind, body, and soul nourished as well. Lots of changes are coming your way, so make sure you're in the best possible place to handle them. 



Libra - Princess of Wands

My darling Libras, this month is all about inspiration for you. The Princess of Wands corresponds to the Page of Wands in traditional decks, and she is all about being open to the spark of a new idea and seeing where it leads. While you are still in the early stages of these new passions, it is important to nurture them so that they can grow into a full blaze. Now is not the time for self-doubt and second guessing. The Princess looks at the world through fresh eyes and sees only possibility; she banishes from her mind all thoughts of how things could go wrong or that which has fallen apart in the past in order to see the potential of the situation at hand. This is a gentle reminder that a strong belief in yourself and in your goals is an essential ingredient to success and a warning not to talk yourself out of trying before you've even begun. However, be careful not to rush into anything headlong without first doing some planning. The Princess is about believing in the possibility of success and starting to make a plan to achieve it, not naively throwing herself into something she is entirely unprepared for. Let things unfold at their natural pace and keep an open mind. You may be surprised at how things fall into place. 



Scorpio - Prince of Wands

While fire may not be your element of choice, this month's message is right in Scorpio's wheelhouse in terms of motivation and drive. The Prince of Wands (Knight, in traditional decks) is about taking action and chasing your dreams. He sets his gaze on the horizon and does not stop until he has either accomplished everything he set out to do or burned himself out trying. After last month's message of reflection, it's time to put some of that newly kindled intuition to use. You know what your passions are and what path you want to be on, and now it's time for you to make that a reality. Use the knowledge you have gained and the plans you've made as a strong foundation to support your sustained efforts and allow you to achieve success without completely depleting your resources in the process; after all, just because you're taking decisive action doesn't mean you have to be reckless. In fact, it is far better that you are not. Try to maintain the Prince's drive and commitment to concrete progress without pushing yourself so hard that you burn yourself out. Success is all well and good, but not if it comes from sacrificing your wellbeing, and you want to be sure that you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labors when all is said and done. Pursue your passions with unwavering dedication, pace yourself, and there's nothing that is out of your reach.



Sagittarius - Seven of Cups / Debauch

Intrepid Sagittarians, this month's message is a bit of a warning for you. The Seven of Cups appears when we have an array of options and pleasant distractions at our fingertips, and there is certainly nothing wrong with sampling many of the delights that life has to offer you. It is in your nature to be adventurous, so why not enjoy life while you're at it? The problem lies in the fact that many of these are shallow pursuits, experiences that will give you short-term pleasure but nothing more. Some may even lead you toward misery. You know deep in your heart which path will lead you to a life that is fulfilling and meets all your emotional needs, so it would be wise to be wary of anything that distracts you from its pursuit. There is no harm in engaging in a little debauchery now and again or indulging in some enjoyable distractions, but you'll want to make sure that these dalliances are merely breaks from your sustained quest for fulfillment and not something that derails you completely. All work and no play may make Jack a dull boy, but swing to the other extreme and you'll find yourself waking up one morning and wondering where the time has gone and what you have to show for it. "Everything in moderation" is your mantra this month. Have fun, but not too much fun. 



Capricorn - Eight of Wands / Swiftness

Good news, Capricorns, this month is all about inspiration for you. The Eight of Wands is the fresh burst of energy that reinvigorates you in the middle of a project, the sudden breakthrough in a problem you've been working on, and a change of direction mid-journey that opens new doors you hadn't even considered. This is a month for stepping up your pursuit of your goals and being open to whatever opportunities and messages the universe sends your way, all while maintaining a steady push toward success that is grounded in your earlier efforts. You're not burning things to the ground and starting new here, but rather being flexible and understanding that what you once thought was the right way to proceed may evolve as you get closer to your ultimate goal. Be careful not to get too distracted by new ideas and inspirations or abandon the work you're already doing. Instead, look for ways to incorporate it into your current journey. We are constantly learning and growing, and sometimes a fresh perspective or idea is all you need to get yourself moving toward your dreams with greater purpose and focus. You never know where life will take you, but remain on-target throughout and great things will grow out of it. 



Aquarius - Ten of Cups / Satiety

Clever Aquarians, this month is shaping up to be a good one! The Ten of Cups is the feeling of emotional fulfillment and abundance you find when you reach the culmination of something you have been working towards for a long time. While it may be tempting for your whirring brain to second-guess your contentment or look forward and try to figure out what comes next, resist that urge. You have earned this moment of respite and pleasure. Give yourself a chance to sit back and appreciate just how happy you are at this point in time and how much you have accomplished as this particular chapter of your life winds to a close. You may not have every aspect of your life figured out, but you are incredibly wealthy in friends, family, love, and happiness. Take a moment to fully realize that and honor it. You did this. All this joy that you feel right now stems from relationships you've built and actions you've taken in the past, all the times you made your emotional wellbeing a priority. Soak it in. Catalogue these memories for later recollection. Once you've started the next cycle, you will be once again caught up in the hustle and flow of building something that feeds your spirit, and you'll want something to look back on and remind you of just how worth it your efforts are. 



Pisces - Knight of Cups

Pisces, you are in your element this month. The Knight of Cups is the Thoth equivalent of the King in other decks, and he is the master of his emotional world. This month is all about you processing your emotions and connecting to your intuition in ways that are both healthy and serve your ultimate goals. You know that it is never a good idea for you to repress your feelings, but it can be all too easy to let them get the better of you and find yourself getting dragged down by conflicting sentiments. Not this month, Pisces. This month you are confident and in control, able to work through things on your own terms and see your sensitive nature as a strength rather than a shortcoming. You may even find that your own experiences with overcoming internal tumult make you uniquely qualified to advise others and provide a much-needed voice of reason. If you can hit that sweet spot between cool logic and mutable feelings, you will be perfectly poised to take the world by storm without having to suppress any of that quintessential Pisces sensitivity that makes you who you are. Embrace your watery nature, because that's what makes you stand out from the crowd. Make it work in your favor.



Aries - Three of Wands / Virtue

This month's message should please your fiery disposition, Aries. The Three of Wands urges you to take your wild passions and channel them into something productive. It speaks of the importance of a strong foundation and a clear vision of your goals  in order to achieve the success you're looking for. After all, the initial spark of an idea is all well and good, but without structure to guide it, it will flicker and fade away before you can figure out what to do with it. Take some time this month to look towards the future and lock down a concrete idea of what it is that you're aiming for. Get as specific as you can. What does your ideal version of success look like? What would make you feel fulfilled in your work and your life? Once you have that picture in your head, you can turn your attention towards making a plan to achieve these dreams. And, of course, don't expect success to happen overnight. You are still at the beginning of your journey, just starting to see the path crystallizing in front of you. If you jump forward when you have not yet worked out all the details, you will find yourself faltering just as surely as if you took no action at all. Work like this takes patience and preparation. While you may not be able to foresee every pitfall or obstacle that may rise up in your path, a solid game plan will at least give you a strong foundation from which to work. Take your time with it, and it will serve you well in the long run.



Taurus - Four of Swords / Truce

Ah, my patient Taureans, September is all about giving yourself a break. The Four of Swords is a pause, the calm before the storm, the a break between battles to regroup and recharge before diving back into the fray. While you may be more comfortable when pushing steadily forward in the face of adversity, you need this rest in order to get your thoughts in order and make sure that you are attacking obstacles as efficiently as possible. Use this time to process everything that you've been through so far and mentally prepare yourself for the challenges ahead of you. It's far too easy to get swept up in the busy nature of life, hopping from one trial to another and never giving yourself a moment to recover, but spend too much time and energy on these non-stop mental sparring matches and life will eventually spit you out, exhausted and spent. As counterintuitive as it may seem, enforcing a break now and again will make you more likely to achieve victory, not less. Pushing yourself is all well and good, but we all need a respite from time to time. Let yourself relax. You'll be back in the thick of things soon enough.



Gemini - Princess of Disks

Flighty Geminis, this month you are being called to open yourself to new opportunities and take the time to ground dreams in reality. The Princess of Disks is the Thoth's Page, and like the other Princesses, she is all about seeing infinite possibilities in the world around her. Unlike the other suits, however, the Princess of Disks is particularly concerned about the tangible world and how to pursue opportunity in such a way that it will yield measurable results. This month, turn your attention towards planting the seeds of your goals and figuring out exactly which tasks will need to be accomplished in order to see them grow into reality. Do be careful not to get so bogged down in the logistics that you find yourself losing faith in your ability to achieve everything you set out to do, but there is nothing wrong with taking a more practical approach to life. In fact, sometimes it is necessary. It may not be as glamorous-sounding as rushing out after a wild dream with only your belief in yourself to sustain you, but it is far more likely to actually lead you to success. Make a conscious effort to look at the world with new eyes and seek out enticing new prospects, then set yourself to figuring out how to make those goals achievable. Your hard work will pay off in droves down the road.



Cancer - Six of Cups / Pleasure

Sensitive Cancers, it will please you to hear that this month's message lands you safely in your comfort zone. The Six of Cups is all about taking the time to indulge in things that bring you joy, particularly in those pastimes that invoke pleasant memories of times past. It urges you to look at where you have been in order to inform where you are heading. Our histories, both personal and ancestral, are a treasure trove of information, and if you find your present situation is feeling somewhat lackluster in the emotional fulfillment department, you need only look back for suggestions on how to infuse your life with bliss. Now is the time to shift your focus from a goal-oriented approach to one that fills your life with joy and meets your emotional and spiritual needs. It's an opportunity to pause and ensure that you are choosing a path that is fulfilling in the here and now rather than one that indefinitely dangles the promise of future contentment in front of you. This is by no means a call to settle for less than you desire or take your eye off the prize, but rather a gentle push towards shifting your perspective and taking a different approach to dream-chasing. After all, what is the use of pursuing success if you are miserable while doing it? We only have one life, so make sure you are filling it with all the things that keep your spirits up as you navigate its shifting seas. Give yourself permission to enjoy yourself, wherever you are in your journey. You will feel the better for it.



Leo - Nine of Swords / Cruelty

Bold and brazen Leos, this month is not going to be particularly easy for you. The Nine of Swords appears when we come face to face with our fears, anxieties and doubts and are forced to meet them head-on, whether we are prepared for it or not. It's understandable to feel overwhelmed when your brain is throwing every negative thought it can dredge up at you all at once, but the danger lies in allowing yourself to become paralyzed by fear. If these worries are rising to the surface, it's because you have disturbed the depths where they have been lurking. As distressing as it may be to find yourself confronted with every pessimistic thought your mind can dredge up, it also provides you an excellent opportunity to see these apprehensions for what they are and identify their root causes. Remember, these are not cold, hard facts but rather the insecurities that wait in the back of your mind, preparing to rise up when you least desire them. Rather than pushing them to the side or allowing yourself to be overrun with fear, ask yourself where they are coming from and what truths they can teach you. There is knowledge to be gained from even the most unpleasant experience, and by addressing the heart of the problem rather than the symptoms you stand a much better chance of overcoming these anxieties once and for all. In short, a little discomfort now can prepare you for success down the road, while trying to avoid the pain will only lead to it coming back louder and stronger in the future. You are more than strong enough to handle this, Leos, so hold your head high and boldly face your fears. 


And so concludes September's tarotscopes. I hope they provide you with more than a little bit to think about over the course of the month and guide you toward a better and brighter life than you initially imagined. If you enjoy these readings, don't forget to follow me on Instagram for daily tarot draws and check out my Etsy shop! I'll be back with another blog post later this month. Until then, enjoy the first stirrings of Autumn. 

August Tarotscopes

It's been a while since I was able to sit down and write a post, but I wanted to make sure I got August's Tarotscopes up for everyone before we got too far into the month. The deck I used this month is the Light Visions Tarot by James R. Eads, a limited edition deck that I was lucky enough to be gifted as a Christmas present when it was first released. It's one of my absolute favorite decks to work with, and doing readings with it was one of the things that got me to invest time and energy into reading tarot more seriously. What can I say? It's an amazing deck. One might call it life-changing. I hope you enjoy your monthly forecast, or at least find it illuminating. And if you're looking for something more personalized, check out the Tarot Readings tab above or head on over to my Etsy shop to purchase your own!



Leo - King of Chalices

Happy birthday, Leos! This month, your message is to get in touch with your watery, intuitive side. The King of Chalices is all about mastering your emotions and using them to empower you rather than allowing yourself to be ruled by them. This is a great chance to approach your feelings about things and deal with them on your own terms. We're often taught to see being emotional as the opposite of wisdom, but this could not be further than the truth. There is much insight to be gained from trusting your feelings and using your past experiences to inform the way you handle whatever life throws at you in the present. Being calm and centered is not often something you hear associated with Leo, but even you dramatic souls can benefit from an even keel now and again. You may even find that others will recognize your abilities to temper emotion with logic and will seek you out for advice. If you can avoid the pitfalls of veering into melodrama and ground yourself in your intuition and sense of self, you will find yourself in a position of great personal power.  Use it wisely.



Virgo - Death

Fret not, Virgos, this card signifies a month of great transformation for you. Death refers to the rebirth we experience when we let go of the things that are no longer working in our lives and make space for newer, better versions of ourselves. While this change may not always be pleasant, it is by no means something you can't handle, and it is absolutely necessary. You are being urged to embrace this process of regeneration; the more you resist critical changes and cling to the past, the more painful this transition will be. Instead, take some time to sit with yourself and figure out exactly what it is that you need to be separating yourself from in order to give yourself room to blossom. Thank the things that are no longer serving you and then let them go. Welcome this transformation with open arms. You will be amazed at the opportunities that open before you once you've stepped into your next phase of life. 



Libra - Two of Chalices

It will please you to note, Libras, that this month is all about balance. In particular, it's about emotional balance. The Two of Chalices refers to perfect partnerships, the relationships that balance us out and bring out the best in us. Whether this takes the form of a romantic partnership, a platonic relationship, finding the ideal business partner, or even achieving a balance within yourself, you are being urged to focus on nurturing those connections and spending your time and energy with the people who matter the most to you. The Two also serves as a reminder to see yourself through the eyes of those who love you, because too often we can be our own worst critics. It doesn't matter if you've achieved the goals you set out for yourself or if you've fallen behind, this month is about directing your thoughts toward your emotional wellbeing. Neglect that, and the rest of life becomes that much more difficult to handle. Love is the watchword, both for yourself and for others. 



Scorpio - The High Priestess

Mysterious Scorpios, this month you are in your element. The High Priestess is a meditative card that focuses on connecting yourself with your intuition and spirituality. It's all too easy to let this aspect of our lives slide, especially when the demands of the corporeal world can be overwhelming, but we ignore our inner voice to our own detriment. Your message this month is to explore the depths of your personality, to center yourself in your beliefs and trust your gut instincts. Whether you are a religious person or not, connecting with those things that make us feel spiritually connected to the world - whatever they may be in your own personal case - is vital to our overall wellbeing. If you don't have a means to center yourself and care for your spiritual health, any successes you achieve may still leave you feeling hollow. We need to see to all areas of our life - mind, heart, body and soul - in order to be truly fulfilled. Practice listening to your inner voice and trusting your intuition. It will not steer you wrong.



Sagittarius - Ten of Swords

Bold Sagittarians, this is not going to be the easiest of months for you. The Ten of Swords speaks of the moments when we almost give into despair, the times when it feels like everything is going wrong. But fear not, there is a light on the horizon. The Ten is the darkness before the dawn, the moment before everything shifts and you are granted new perspective. Your message this month is to allow yourself to be okay with not being fine. Get comfortable with discomfort. As unpleasant as these moments may be, they teach us a lot and leave us with valuable insight about ourselves and the world around us. Give yourself permission to hurt, to struggle, to not have your shit together. It doesn't make it any less frustrating in the moment, but you will come out of this month wiser and better equipped to process any hand that life deals you. After all, you've been through this before and come out (relatively) unscathed. Square your shoulders and face life in all its ugly, unfortunate glory. After all, the best breakthroughs often come after our darkest hour. 



Capricorn - Knight of Swords

Steady Capricorns, your message this month is to boldly face your fears and doubts and overcome them. The Knight of Swords cuts through confusion and self-doubt to the heart of the matter, taking no prisoners on his quest for truth. It's easy to get bogged down in all the reasons why something is not possible and all the obstacles that stand in your way, but the Knight tells you to have none of that. You've locked your eyes on your goal, and you refuse to let anything stop you from reaching it. When insecurity bubbles up in your mind, you slice it apart and keep moving forward. However, it is wise to be mindful of others even as you keep your focus on the path ahead of you. Sometimes the Knight's desire to cut away negativity can lead to hurt feelings, and when someone is questioning you it's often because they care about you and want to see you ultimately succeed. Action is all well and good, but you don't want to find yourself picking up the tattered remains of relationships at the finish line. Find a way to be diplomatic while still maintaining your resolve. You'll be glad you did. 



Aquarius - Justice

Aquarians, Justice is your bread and butter. There is nothing you value more than fairness and equality, and Justice represents the cosmic scales of balance. As a result, you're being asked to turn your gaze inward and focus on the effect your own actions have on your life and the world around you. How are the things you've done in the past having a positive impact on your present? Which actions may have yielded negative results? This doesn't mean you should be beating yourself up for past deeds when things seem to be going wrong for these things are never a case of direct cause and effect. What Justice urges is an understanding that you have a place in the world and that no act is too small to shift the scales. If you find yourself in frustrating circumstances, ask yourself what actions you can take to bring things back into balance. And if things are going well, be sure to acknowledge the part you played in your own successes. We may not be able to control everything in our lives, but that doesn't mean our decisions are meaningless. Once you grasp that concept, there's nothing you cannot do.



Pisces - The Tower

Oh, my fellow Pisces, this month promises to be an exciting one, if not in the most pleasant of ways. The Tower speaks of the shattering of illusions, the moment when the situation you've been clinging to comes crashing down around your ears and leaves you to build something fresh from the smoldering rubble. While this may sound terrible, the truth of the Tower is that whatever you were holding onto so tightly was never meant to last, regardless of what we may have convinced ourselves, and any assurances that things were fine were merely our own attempts to soothe ourselves. This change, however violent and unwanted, is necessary in order to help us build something brighter and better out of our lives, and the more you can embrace the transition and help it along, the less painful it will be. Once the dust settles, you'll be able to see which parts of the structure remain standing and create a stronger foundation from which to move forward. So take a deep breath and let it all go. Be gentle with yourself when things are tough and remember, at the end of all the chaos you'll be left with a fresh start. Remain hopeful. It will all work out for the best.



Aries - Ten of Wands

Fiery Aries, this month it may feel as though the flames of your passion are guttering. You have been working hard to pursue your goals and get yourself to where you are today, but now that you've reached the finish line you're not sure it's all it was cracked up to be. While we paint a romantic picture of success in our minds, the reality is that it's an ongoing process, and once we achieve the goals we set for ourselves we not only have to figure out where to go next, but we are also tasked with the responsibility of continuing to care for everything we've built so far. Your message this month is to evaluate everything that is resting on your shoulders and determine which is still lighting up your soul and which it's time to let go of. It may seem like giving up to release something that was once so important to you, but it's just another part of life. We have finite resources to dedicate to our lives and our projects, and the more you try to hold onto everything you once held dear, the more thinly spread you'll become. Hold onto the things that still feel important, delegate what you can, and as for the rest, thank it for everything it's meant to you and then let it go. Your heart will feel so much lighter once you do.



Taurus - Page of Pentacles

Taurus, this month you are being open yourself to what the world has to offer you and take advantage of any new opportunities that come your way. The Page of Pentacles is all about planning for the future and planting new seeds that will grow into wild success down the road. More importantly, the Page approaches each new situation with fresh eyes; it doesn't give into cynicism or doubt. You have the opportunity this month to begin a brand new stage of life, one that will have lasting positive effects going forward into the future. Allow yourself to take advantage of that, wholeheartedly and without any reservations. You are creating something beautiful; trust in your ability to do so. Even if it's a small step now, you are investing in your future and your own visions. What seems small now will have ripple effects that continue for days and weeks and months to come. If you see a chance to pursue a new goal, take it. Great things will come of the work you're doing this month. 



Gemini - The Hierophant

Curious Gemini, your message this month is to commit wholeheartedly to the process of learning. The Hierophant represents traditional structures and the exchange of knowledge. If there's a topic or a skill set you've been contemplating exploring, now would be an excellent time to dedicate yourself to its study. Seek out classes, spend time with those who are experts in the field - whatever you can do to expose yourself to new knowledge. However, this exchange would not be complete without you also stepping into the role of teacher or mentor. Whether this is a direct exchange with the person you intend to learn from or just the process of giving back and paying it forward, keep yourself open to opportunities to share your own skills and wisdom with the world. After all, just because you are somewhat lacking in experience in one area does not mean that you have nothing to offer. Find the subjects that pique your curiosity and the structures that enable you to successfully explore them and then have fun. The knowledge you will gain from this will be invaluable.



Cancer - Six of Wands

Sweet Cancers, this month you are being gently nudged to acknowledge your own successes. While you may not have reached your ultimate goal, you have come a long way since you began your efforts, and that is nothing short of amazing. It may seem arrogant or uncomfortable to beat your own drum, but if you aren't willing to applaud yourself, how will anyone else know to do so? Oftentimes we find ourselves waiting for external validation in order to see our accomplishments as anything noteworthy, but taking pride in your own work is vital to success. Otherwise, it's far too easy to focus only on our failures and difficulties, which can lead to increased frustration and lack of motivation to push forward. Take some time to celebrate your victories along the way and you will feel energized and excited to begin the next stage of your journey. Besides, the way in which you talk about your efforts will inform other people's impressions of it. Make sure to give them a good one. 


Happy August, everyone!

July Tarotscopes

Welcome back for your July Tarotscopes! We skipped a month there, but everything is back on track. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of tarotscopes, this is a monthly reading where I draw a card for each sign in the zodiac. Think of it less as a prediction of your future and more as a bit of advice to help you navigate the month. For me, it's just one more fun way to experiment with my decks and bring the experience of a tarot reading to the public. This month's readings are done with the gorgeous Raven's Prophecy Tarot by Maggie Stiefvater. 


Cancer - Three of Cups

Happy birthday, sweet Cancers! You are in your water element this month; the Three of Cups is the card of celebration, emotional support, and community, and your message for July is to focus your time and energy on your nearest and dearest. These are the people who have your back no matter what, the ones who root for you time and time again and are there to lift your spirits when you're feeling down. Perhaps you have one or two friends or family who fill this role, or maybe you have a whole crew (a squad, if you will). Either way, it's time to shower them with a little TLC and let them shower you with love in return. Life can get busy, and it's easy to push socialization aside as other responsibilities clamor for your attention, but chances are the longer you go between conversations and coffee dates with your Person(s), the more stressed out you become. And what better way to spend your birthday month than celebrating with the people you love best? If you find yourself feeling run-down (or even if it's just been a while), schedule a reunion with one or more of the folks who make up your Three of Cups community. You will feel so much better for it.



Leo - Knight of Wands

Bold Leos, your message for this month is to harness your creative energy and channel it into single-minded pursuit of your goals. The Knight of Wands is a brave adventurer and passionate artist, someone who sets her sights on success and doesn't give up until she reaches it. This kind of dedication and zeal is the bread and butter of your fiery personality; without something to focus your energy on, you often find yourself becoming listless. Let this serve as your permission to launch yourself headlong into your pursuits without thought or fear of what could go wrong. You know what your soul is truly craving - chances are you've been secretly plotting its pursuit in the back of your mind for quite some time now, even if it was just in idle daydreams. Now is the time to throw caution to the wind and make your dreams a reality. True, you may get burned along the way, but what's passion without a little risk? The end results will be well worth it. Go get 'em, Leo!



Virgo - Ace of Wands

Clever Virgos, your card this month is the Ace of Wands. The Ace urges you to seize hold of the creative spark, that first inkling of an idea that lights up your brain with possibilities. You are being called to get in touch with your muses and see what delicious prospects you can stir up. No idea is too outlandish, no goal too far out of your reach. Now is not the time to bog yourself down with logistics, plans, or doubts. There will be plenty of time for plotting your way forward later. This is simply the first step, that small stirring of possibility in the corner of your mind that makes your heart skip a beat. Focus your energy on nurturing this tiny spark into full blaze; even the slightest whisper of doubt may be enough to snuff it out, so feed it with your belief, your curiosity, and your determination. Once you are sure of its viability, you can dedicate yourself to figuring out how to make it a reality. For now, enjoy the feeling of creating something new and starting fresh. 



Libra - Ten of Swords

Dearest Libras, this is not the easiest of months for you. You may find yourself venturing into dark places in your head or feeling like the world is working against you. The Ten of Swords is all about the discomfort that we often find as we end one mental cycle and prepare for the next. The good news is that this despair is temporary; in fact, it always appears right before things take a turn for the better. Brighter days on the horizon, even if it doesn't necessarily feel like it. Your message this month is to sit with the discomfort and find what it has to teach you. After all, even the worst days can bring us wisdom and help us grow into the person we're meant to be, and you better than anyone know that our light side is nothing without darkness to balance us out. You have survived life's trials in the past, and this time is no different. Hold your head up high and face whatever life is planning to deal you with grace and confidence. The sooner you find your rhythm, the sooner you'll find yourself on the Ace of Swords' bright shores once again. 



Scorpio - Four of Coins

Passionate Scorpios, the Four of Coins speaks of the dangers of having it all. Often we work and work until we gain everything that we set our sights on, only to find ourselves trapped by the very treasures we sought. We become so afraid of losing everything we worked for that we become paralyzed, unable to move or grow as we cling tightly to our hard-earned gains. Your message for July is to take a moment to get comfortable with letting go. After all, just because you fought for something doesn't mean you should be bound to it forever, nor does letting go mean you will never find such riches again. Coins may refer to physical gains, but like everything in life the material world relies on having a free and natural flow and an exchange of goods. The more you clutch your possessions to you, the more stuck you will become, leaving you feeling stagnant and impoverished. Take a deep breath and loosen your grip. Yes, you will have to release some things that you were hoping to keep for a while longer, but this frees you up to seek even greater gains. Thank them for their service and step forward, unburdened. You will be amazed at how free you feel.



Sagittarius - Four of Cups

Ah, my restless Sagittarians, you are being handed a pause yourselves, but in the realm of emotions. The Four of Cups speaks of isolation and solitude, perhaps not of your choosing, and it can be easy to feel like the rest of the world is off having fun without you. You may find yourself feeling just a bit out of sync with the people around you, which can lead to frustration and bitterness. However, this is also a chance to get in touch with yourself and recalibrate your needs and desires without the input of others. If used for your own purposes, this moment of quiet contemplation can be a blessing in disguise, as it forces you to shut out distractions and points of view that may conflict with what your intuition is telling you is necessary. If you do find yourself feeling shut away from the rest of the world, you have two choices: you can wallow in loneliness and jealousy, or you can take this chance to get really clear on what your own heart is trying to tell you. I'm sure you can guess which option will be more beneficial to you. It may not feel comfortable or natural to sit silently with your own thoughts, but it will bring you more wisdom than you can possibly imagine, and you will end the month fully prepared to jump back into life's adventures with renewed vigor. 



Capricorn - Ten of Cups

My dearest Capricorns, your message this month is to relish the feeling of accomplishment. You may have missed it as you toiled away at your work, but you have succeeded in achieving emotional abundance beyond your wildest dreams. The Ten of Cups speaks of perfect harmony and the feeling that all is as it should be. True, like all suits, this is just a stage in a cycle that will soon start all over again, but for the moment you are being urged to enjoy yourself. Regardless of where you are in your physical or creative journeys, you have found a sense of wellbeing and purpose, and that is worth more than gold. You cannot control what happens next, but you can choose to make the most of this feeling for as long as it lasts. It's not something that comes around all that often, so give yourself a break from all that hard work and spend some time celebrating your hard-won happiness with your friends and family. You have more than earned it.



Aquarius - Four of Wands

Lovely Aquarius, you have spent so much time focusing your energy on getting your projects off the ground that you haven't given yourself a chance to acknowledge just how far you've come. It's all too easy to get stuck looking at the finish line, and while it's always good to know how much further you have to go, it can also lead to the feeling that you aren't making any progress at all. This could not be further from the truth. The Four of Wands reminds us not to underestimate the difficulty of starting something new or how much it takes out of you. The next time you find yourself measuring yourself against a goal that seems as far away as when you started, turn your gaze instead to where you began. Look at how much you have accomplished since you took those first steps and give yourself a chance to fully appreciate and celebrate just how much it has taken to get you where you are today. Pushing forward with no chance for rest is a surefire recipe for burnout, whereas stopping to boost your ego adds fuel to the fires of your passions so that when you're ready to jump back into the fray, you can do so with even more energy than before. You have come so far, and you deserve a night off to recognize that. 



Pisces - Page of Cups

Dreamy Pisces, your message this month falls well within your comfort zone. The Page of Cups reminds you to open yourself up to the messages of the universe and approach each new situation with a clear heart and fresh eyes. Yes, you may have been hurt in the past, but that has no bearing on where you are now; if anything, it's made you more resolute to see the best in people and surround yourself with those who live up to your high expectations. The emotional connections you make with others are your secret weapon - where others succeed because of their diligence and determination, you find opportunities simply by engaging with the people you meet along your journey. Keep your eyes open to the possibility for happiness, new friendship, and even magic wherever you go. By believing in the best in the world, you will set yourself up to uncover it. Resist any inklings of cynicism or doubt and greet the world with your arms stretched wide open. It will respond in kind.



Aries - Six of Coins

This month's message is clear, brash Aries - share in your wealth. The Six of Coins speaks of the importance of giving and receiving resources, and while you may not be swimming in money, chances are you have an excess of something that others are in need of. If you find yourself in a position to give, do so freely and without expectation of reciprocation. But while you may give selflessly, do not be ashamed if you find yourself in a position where you are in need of help yourself. We all have finite resources, skills that are less than polished, or advice that we lack, and true success comes from acknowledging when we cannot make it on our own. Do not look at it as an admission of failure but rather as a natural part of life, one that you can and will handle confidently and graciously. It takes great courage to admit when you cannot do something all by yourself, and by doing so you will put yourself in a position to be far more triumphant than had you continued pushing forward on your own. Give freely, accept willingly, and engage fully in the exchange of goods and services that keeps the world working. Even the most independent among us is much stronger as part of a community than they could ever be on their own. 



Taurus - Ten of Wands

Loyal Taurus, you have reached the end of an endeavor and discovered that success is not all you thought it would be. It's not that you are disappointed by the results, but you have discovered that your burden has grown rather than shrunk as you've gotten further towards your goals. The Ten of Wands reminds you that everything comes with a price, and the price of success is the responsibility of maintaining all that you worked for. This can be a daunting and exhausting task, so this month you are being charged with figuring out which parts you want to maintain and what you want to delegate or let go of in order to free up some of your energy for wherever life takes you next. Whatever you decide, remember that the burden may be heavy but you are up to the task of bearing it, and there is pride to be taken in carrying your work on your own. Everything that you have achieved was born of your blood, sweat, and tears, so hold your head high, square your shoulders, and let the weight of responsibility settle comfortably on you. It may not be the most glamorous of resolutions, but it will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that you have shaped your own world. That's more than many can hope for.



Gemini - Nine of Coins

Gemini, my love, this month's message is that you have everything you need. The Nine of Coins is the card of abundance and self-reliance. This is not the wild and decadent wealth of the Ten, but rather having just enough to get by comfortably. Not only that, but everything that you possess came as the result of your own hard work and careful planning, so while you may still dream of riches and luxuries that are currently out of your grasp, there is something deeply satisfying about looking at the world around you and knowing that you built it from scratch. Take some time to enjoy everything that you have created - the happy home, the check that covers this month's rent, the good health. Having your material world under control, even for a moment, is no small feat. Don't let up in your efforts to create the life you want, but as you continue pushing forward, dedicate some of your energy and time towards enjoying all that you have earned for yourself. After all, what is the point of building a beautiful life if you aren't going to soak it in? Gemini energy is all about duality, so bring that into your life by balancing your hard work with a healthy appreciation for all that you have done so far. It will make your continued efforts that much more rewarding.

I hope you enjoyed your tarotscopes this month, or at least found them enlightening. If you want more tarot readings, be sure to check out the daily and weekly draws I do on Instagram and check out my Etsy shop or the Tarot Readings link above for your very own personalized reading. 

May Tarotscopes

This month's tarotscopes are a rather late, but May's been hectic so far, and I wanted to be sure I did them justice. A tarotscope, for those who are unaware, is a message for the members of each zodiac sign by way of pulling a tarot card. This month I used the Light Grey Tarot, which is the product of an art installation produced by the Light Grey Art Lab. Each card was created by a different artist, which makes it a very interesting, if somewhat challenging, deck to work with. It is one of my newest decks, so tarotscopes seemed like an excellent way to get more comfortable with it. If you find your message enlightening and are interested in purchasing a more extensive reading, I have a variety of options available in my Etsy shop. I also regularly post smaller readings on Instagram. In the meantime, enjoy!



Taurus - Eight of Pentacles

Happy birthday, my dear Taurians! Your message this month is all about being grounded in reality, something that will speak to your earthy nature. The Eight of Pentacles is the card of keeping your nose to the grindstone and pushing forward bit by bit. It's the card of apprenticeship and the learning of new skills, of working hard and making sure that every task gets done and no detail is missed. As a result, this month is all about growth for you, the kind that can easily be measured. You may not be finishing any projects or achieving your final victory, but you are making progress, and like the woman in the card's artwork, you do not find the work you are doing to be dull or menial. Quite the opposite, you are finding you thoroughly enjoy the process; after all, you are in your element when you are required to focus on something and work hard at it. You hold the keys to success in your hands, so immerse yourself in your work this month and allow yourself to take your sweet time with each and every aspect of it. Get your hands dirty, work up a sweat (metaphorically or physically). Allow yourself to rest in the knowledge that all the work you do now will pay off in an epic fashion down the road. Go get 'em, Taurus!



Gemini - Five of Wands

Geminis, this month may not be an easy one for you. The Five of Wands is all about creative conflict and the clashing of opposing ideas. Everyone has a different vision for your projects, your lives, and how things should fit together, and without compromise those visions become an argument that cannot be won by stubbornly sticking to your guns. If you feel the friction beginning to build, whether within yourself or between you and others, you have two options - either concede that there is merit to the suggestions of others and work to find a way to combine your ideas into one complete approach or take your toys and go home. Neither of these options is bad, mind you, and it's up to you to figure out which is the best approach for you. Often compromise makes us stronger and new pair of eyes will see things that we missed. However, if the proposed compromise requires you to give up too much of what you felt was truly important to the situation, then it may be best to extricate yourself from the conflict with your pride and ideas intact and work on things by yourself. There is a time and a place for being flexible and a time and a place for standing your ground. Your challenge this month is to discern which you are facing and then do something about it. Get to it, Gemini. 



Cancer - The Fool

Oh, my cautious Cancers, this month is going to be a challenge for you in the best way possible. The Fool is all about taking risks and seeking adventure, something that is far out of the comfort zone of you cozy homebodies. You tend to retreat into your shell at the thought of risking your comfortable life, and The Fool is all about breaking out of it. But before you panic, let me assure you that The Fool does not necessarily mean your risks must be reckless. It's fine to calculate the outcome of your proposed actions so long as you don't spend all your time calculating and miss out on the action part. Deep down, what this card is asking you to do is trust - in yourself, in the universe, in the merit of your dreams and goals. Rather than dwelling on everything that could go wrong, think about everything that could go so very right if you allowed yourself to take a leap. The status quo may be comfortable, but that doesn't mean it's serving you as well as it should. It's time to shake things up a little bit, set out after a life that will be even more enjoyable and fulfilling than where you are now. So take a deep breath and take the plunge. A little adventure is good for all of us, and you may find that it's actually pretty fun outside your comfort zone, once the initial shock of it wears off. Have a good time this month, Cancer. Believe it or not, you deserve it.



Leo - Ace of Pentacles

Fierce Leos, this month is all about new opportunities for you. Seeds are being planted, doors are opening, and you are being called to march forward and seize hold of fortune. This probably sounds like a dream to you; after all, you are all about bold moves. However, before you get too swept up in fiery passion, remember that the Pentacles are the suit of earth, and these opportunities - while exciting - are less about wild inspiration and more about concrete ideas that can grow into something real and tangible. This is not to say don't boldly take advantage of them or dampen the flames of your excitement; far from it, in fact! Just keep yourself grounded and focus on the ways in which you are setting the wheels of your life into motion. Is this something you are prepared to commit to in the long haul? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work that will inevitably follow this bright, shiny Ace energy? If the answer is "yes" (and I sincerely hope it is), then have at it. Go forth with all the ferocity your lion heart can muster and direct your enthusiasm toward the work ahead of you. This is just the beginning, Leo. Great things are coming. 



Virgo - Six of Swords

Ah, Virgos, May is something of a respite for you, though not one without a cost. You are being nudged to disentangle yourself from a situation or mentality that has been causing you pain and stress. The Six of Swords is all about moving on from strife, however painful a choice that may be. You recognize that there are people, conversations, and thought patterns that are no longer serving you well and may, in fact, be causing you harm, and you are having none of them anymore. Set your sights on more serene shores, fortify yourself with hope, and step away. Now is a time for setting down boundaries and for healing. Make no mistake, this choice is not an easy one, but it is an absolutely necessary one, and while it may feel like giving up to cut ties rather than fighting through the pain, it is, in fact, one of the bravest decisions you could make. Commit to your own mental wellbeing and do whatever is required to take care of yourself. You will feel the better for it, I promise. 



Libra - Queen of Swords

 This month is all about clarity and communication for you, dearest Libras, two areas that are right within your airy wheelhouse. The Queen of Swords is all about seeking and speaking the truth and utilizing her quick wit to bring others to her cause. You spend much of your time observing the world and looking at situations from every angle, and now you are being called to put those keen observations into action. This should be easy as pie for you - after all, diplomacy and communication are your bread and butter - but be careful not to get too caught up in trying to balance everyone's perspectives. The Queen of Swords is decisive, and she grows bitter and reckless when she can't put her talents to use. Though it may seem like attempting to meet everyone's needs is the best compromise, it will most likely result in you bottling up your own opinions until they can no longer be contained and you unleash the sharp edge of your tongue upon the world. You are being challenged to take charge and direct conversation in the direction that YOU think it should be going in. If others' opinions are in line with that, great, but in the end it's up to you to achieve success in these endeavors. This is your time to shine, Libras, so step into the limelight. You may just find that leadership suits you.



Scorpio - Temperance

Powerful Scorpios, your message this month is all about balance - specifically bringing yourself into balance. Temperance is associated with the alchemical practice of combining various elements to create gold, and that is exactly what you are being called to do in your own life. It's difficult to operate to our fullest potential when our life is on unsteady footing, so turn your attention towards finding your equilibrium and the perfect mix of elements that turn you into your own golden version of yourself. This could be finding the proper combination of work and play, finding a project that combines your passions and abilities into something that inspires you beyond measure, or even just finding a quiet corner and doing some hard-core self-reflection to realign your own thoughts and feelings. Whatever it is, you'll know when you've gotten it right. Scorpios are all about seeking the truth and learning about the world, but this month, it's about understanding the world as it relates to and affects you. If you can find the proper blend of attributes and opportunities in your life, you will be unstoppable.



Sagittarius - The Moon

Sagittarius, your message this month could not be more clear. You are being prompted to turn your intrepid, enquiring minds inwards towards your own subconscious. It's easy to distract ourselves from the whisperings that come out of the shadows of our psyche by immersing ourself in the outside world, but eventually those whispers grow louder and louder until they cannot be ignored and are all but shouting in our ears. But although the Moon speaks to the shadowy depths of your subconscious, you may not find demons lurking there. Far from it, in fact, for once we shine a light on the dark shapes that populate the edges of our vision we often find that they are, in reality, something quite mundane and unimposing. It is our fear and our avoidance of looking at them directly that gives them the power to frighten and overwhelm. So direct your curiosity and adventurous nature inwards, bold Sagitarrians, and get comfortable with what you find there. The more you understand the darker sides of your nature, the more complete you will feel. It is only by embracing your darkness as well as your light that you will truly be the fearless adventurer you were born to be. 



Capricorn - The Star

This card feels like a blessed relief after your difficult message last month, stolid Capricorns. The Star is all about hope and faith after a period of hardship. Once the dust has settled and the clouds have cleared, we are finally able to look up and see that, despite how it felt at the time, the world has not ended and there is still light to be found. This month you are feeling a renewed sense of well-being and possibility. The struggles of the past have only made you stronger and helped you to see the belief systems and parts of your life that were no longer serving you well. Now that the detritus has been cleared away, you feel as though you can finally breathe again. You are able to look at the world with fresh eyes, to find inspiration, and to trust in your ability to turn it into something incredible. This isn't the naïve and wide-eyed perspective of the Fool, though. This is the positivity of someone who has faced their demons, come out the other side, and still chooses to see the good in the world. It's a revolutionary approach, when you really think about it, to reject negativity and cynicism despite personal knowledge of the world's capacity to cause pain. Bask in your own power, Capricorns, trust it, and let yourself be inspired by it. There is truly nothing you can't do.



Aquarius - Two of Cups

Sweet Aquarius, this month is all about love for you. The Two of Cups is sometimes referred to as the soulmate card, but before you rush to embrace (or reject) a life of romance, consider the fact that not all love is romantic, nor are all soulmates amorous in nature. The love and connection that the Two of Cups speaks of may be romantic, but it also may be the love you and your family have for one another, the bond between dear friends, or the devotion you feel for a business partner who compliments you perfectly. Most difficult for many of us, it also speaks of the love we have for ourselves. While loving others is second nature to you big-hearted Aquarians, this card also serves as a reminder that it is no good pouring your love out into the world without receiving an equal amount of tenderness in return. This month you are being pushed to accept the compassion that you receive from your nearest and dearest without reservation, to understand that loving someone is a two-way street. This also means making the decision to set boundaries and distance yourselves from those who take and take without also giving back. After all, part of loving yourself is knowing when your resources are being drained by another and taking steps to ensure this does not keep happening. But mostly, this month is about relishing the warm and fuzzy feelings that come from connecting with others on a deep and authentic level and trusting in the bonds that you have forged. You are inherently lovable, Aquarius, and nothing makes you happier than sharing your fondness and care with the world. 



Pisces - The Emperor

Fellow Pisceans, your message this month is to focus on structure and stability. This may make you a bit uncomfortable, for on the surface the archetypal masculine energy of the Emperor seems to be in direct conflict with your mutable and dreamy nature. But nowhere does it say that the structure you create must be at the expense of your creative, spiritual qualities. In fact, it is possible to impose order on your life in a way that enhances those qualities and puts them to productive use. Just because society has taught us that certain rules and regulations are the "right" way to go about doing things doesn't mean you have to force yourself into a mentality that feels wrong or unnatural to you. Instead, look for ways that you can increase stability on your own terms and create a schedule that works for you. Find a way to build a framework that allows you to engage with your watery nature and channel it toward your goals in an effective and powerful fashion. This isn't about doing what others think you "should" be doing, it's about understanding that floating about in a dreamworld, while emotionally fulfilling, often doesn't produce tangible results. The more you can use your natural abilities in a productive way, the happier you will be overall. Create a system that works for you, Pisces, and then stick with it. You may be surprised by the results it produces. 



Aries - King of Cups

Proud Aries, this month you are being called to not just embrace your emotions but rule them. This is a venture that requires you to sit with the way you are feeling, understand it, and work through it. In short, it requires patience, something that does not always come naturally to you. However, the rewards for getting comfortable with your feelings are beyond measure. Rather than pushing them aside or letting them explode everywhere, you will be able to work with them and channel them in a way that benefits you. This is not about iron fisted control but rather the soft touch of a beloved leader who has earned the respect and loyalty of his subjects. The more you engage with your emotions and fully understand them, the less energy you will have to spend fighting them when they rise up and threaten to swamp whatever projects you truly wish to be focusing on. Instead, you will be able to recognize them, greet them as old friends, and then find a way to use them to your advantage. Becoming one with your internal world, while it may not always feel productive at the time, allows you to focus intently on your passions in the future without anything distracting you. It's a long-term victory, one that you will be the better for winning. So get cozy with your feelings, Aries. I am confident that you can tackle this challenge with as much zeal and success as any other.


I hope you enjoy your May Tarotscopes as much as I enjoyed writing them. Until next time!

April 2016 Tarotscopes

Ah, April 1st, one of the most hated days of the year on the internet. In lieu of posting some practical joke that will likely not be found funny, I decided to lay out your tarot messages for the month of April. Unfortunately, the week was so packed it took me three days to finish them, but better late than never, right? For those who are just tuning in, an explanation can be found in my March Tarotscopes post, but the short version is that this is a tarot reading for each sign in the zodiac. This month's readings are going to be a bit different, as I am not using a traditional deck. You see, I just got this awesome Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck that I have been itching to use for a bigger tarot project, but as it doesn't follow the commonly-known Rider Waite tarot system, I've been using it as a giant oracle deck. What does this mean for you? Not much, actually, just that I'm ignoring the card's titles (The Hermit, 8 of Air, etc.) and working solely with the names of the constellations, planets, and other celestial bodies. This has been way more fun, because it means I get to learn a lot more about the stars (I really love stars, but I don't actually know much about the constellations. New knowledge!), but it's also the reason it took so long to write them because I wound up spending a fair bit of time researching myths and constellations. The things I do to myself for my art... Anyway, without further ado, here are your April 2016 Tarotscopes:




Happy birthday, you fiery, vibrant Aries folks! This month is all about transformation for you and transitioning into new roles in your life. In mythology, Saturn was often seen as a god of both agriculture and time, both of which are areas that involve cyclical change. Similar to the Death card in a traditional tarot deck, this means you may be asked to let go of things which are no longer serving your purposes in order to move forward into the next cycle. But this change is not sudden or traumatic, it's something that happens gradually over time. Sit with the choices ahead of you, ask yourself which is best for you, take the time to make these decisions and do them right. If you are being affected by things outside of your control, allow yourself the space to adjust to them in your own time. You don't have to become a different person overnight. Just remember that there is a difference between taking the time to work through things and resisting change. If you can make a little adjustment every day, you will be golden. Drag your heels, and this month may not be particularly pleasant for you. Transitions are scary, but they are ultimately good. Embrace the change and the possibilities that it opens up for you.



Get ready, lovely Taureans, for this month is all about chasing your dreams. The myth of Canis Major tells us of the incredible dog Laelaps, given to Europa by Zeus and said to be so fast it could catch anything it chased. You are being nudged to this kind of single-minded focus on your own pursuits, to set your sights on your goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them. This may mean taking decisive action or it may mean pursuing knowledge and understanding that will help you get closer to success. Either way, this sort of stubborn dedication is right in your wheelhouse. Though distractions may arise and other people may demand your time, your thoughts are locked on your own needs this month, and with good reason. You know that when you set your mind to success, there is nothing that can stand in your way. However, as much as this card is an encouragement, it is also a warning, for the myth of Laelaps ends with him pursuing a fox that could never be caught, causing Zeus to send them both to the heavens for their chase will last for eternity. Be careful not to be so narrow in your scope that you run yourself to exhaustion with no end in sight or drive away all those who might offer assistance. Focus is good, but like anything it's best used in moderation. Follow your instincts and you will know when it's time to rush forward and when it might be better to slow it down and take a break. Pacing is key to making sure you don't burn out along the way.




This month's message may feel a bit unnatural to you, my mercurial Geminis, because it is asking you to set aside your pursuit of adventure and excitement in favor of a more stolid task. The tale of Pavo is one of vigilance and duty. Like Argus, the many-eyed giant who was charged by Hera with guardianship over the pregnant nymph Io, you are being urged to dedicate yourself to the maintenance of something that is already in existence rather than rushing off to start something new. This may sound dull and repetitive, but the harsh truth of life is that sometimes seemingly boring tasks are necessary in order to create something greater in the future. Your joy can be found here in paying attention to the details, for there are nuances in every day's work. However, if your attention wavers, you may find things falling down around your ears, as Argus did when he succumbed to Zeus's distractions and was killed. In those moments of doubt, when you find yourself wondering what it's all about and whether the work you're doing is worth it, remind yourself that something you have put great time into watching over and shaping will be much more fulfilling in the end than something you slapped together before running off to your next big adventure (and your next... and your next...). If you want to create something lasting, something influential that may even outlive your own personal notoriety, then you need to buckle down and do the hard labor, even the parts that are boring. Legend says that after his death, Hera honored Argus by placing an "eye" on each peacock feather. So, too, will you be remembered through the tales of your work if you are willing to fight the urge to pursue immediate gratification and instead commit to the longer haul. 




The myth of Delphinus tells of a poet and musician named Arion who, when faced with death on a ship from Lesbos, leapt into the ocean and was carried to safety by the dolphin Delphinus. Like Delphinus, who had been drawn only by Arion's beautiful music and asked for nothing in return for his assistance, you may be called to the aid of someone else this month. Due to your sympathetic nature, sweet Cancers, this is as easy as pie for you. You often find yourself attuned to the struggles of others, and doing what you can to ease their burden is something that brings you great joy. If you find yourself in a situation where you are poised to help others, follow your intuition and give freely. However, you may find that this month you are not Delphinus but rather Arion, in need of some assistance and compassion yourself. This is far less comfortable for you, I know, but do not resist the aid of others due to pride or fear that their help may come with strings attached. You are not being urged to be naive or to trust blindly, but have faith that there is good in the world and when help is offered, do not be afraid to accept it. It is just as admirable to admit when we are in need as it is to offer our resources to others. As long as you set reasonable boundaries on what you are willing to give or receive, there is no danger in trusting in the good of humanity and allowing yourself to be a part of the exchange of energy and goodwill regardless of which position you find yourself in. Let the month of April restore your hope in the kindness of strangers.




Brave Leo, Puppis speaks of your strength and endurance regardless of what life throws at you. Puppis represents the stern of the ship Argo (of Jason and the Argonauts fame) and is one of three constellations that make up the celestial body of the ship. Like Jason, you may encounter some obstacles on your journey this month. Leos have never been one to back down from a challenge, but we all find ourselves stumbling occasionally. Let this be a reminder for those moments when you are doubting yourself or the road ahead looks bleak: you can get through this. You can survive. Not only that, but you have the strength to thrive. Fix your eyes on the horizon ahead of you and hold your head high as you sweep forward through April's tumultuous seas. You may not always feel like a bold hero, but you have the inner strength of one even on your most rough days. Whether you reach the finish line in victorious fashion or limp your way across it, the point is that you will reach it. Keep your chin up, Leo. Never stop fighting or tone down your fiery spirit. You've always been larger than life, and no matter how impossible victory seems I promise you, you've got this.



Dear Virgos, this month is all about tangible creation for you. You have a specific vision for your future, and now it's time to make it a reality. Allow yourself to get lost in the process of making something incredible, drowning out the voices of everyone around you. In the end, your life and your work can only reflect you - your personality, your experiences, your point of view - and excessively worrying about the opinions of others will only muddy the waters and lead to frustration. This is your vision, allow it to come to fruition in the way that's most natural to you. However, it is possible to be too wrapped up in your own perspective, and it never hurts to be aware of the context in which you are creating your masterpiece. Self-centeredness is a healthy trait in moderation, but too much of it at the expense of others can lead to great harm and conflict. Just because something is true to your experience does not mean that it may not be hurtful to others if you are inattentive to the ways in which you are conveying your truths. Accept constructive criticism and trust your ability to distinguish between what is necessary for you to hear and what you can brush off. Commit to your authenticity and creating great things, but do so with empathy and compassion for others and your work will transcend even your own wildest dreams.




You have an exciting month ahead of you, my darling Libras. Pegasus is the subject of many, many myths, but the most famous is the story of how the hero Bellerophon found the wild, untrained Pegasus and tamed him using a golden bridle, riding him into battle against the monster Chimaera and many others and cementing him in legend as the steed of heroes. Like Pegasus, you may have started out from a place of disorganization, with nothing but the seed of an idea niggling in your head and no idea how to turn it into reality. Now, you are bursting into full bloom and claiming your rightful recognition for all that you have been able to create. It's possible that this is the result of finding a partner in crime to help you realize your full potential, as Pegasus did in Bellerophon, or maybe you've just managed to find the right balance and bring it out in yourself. Either way, your genius is ready to be seen by the world. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for all you've managed to create, but be careful not to go too overboard. Being proud of yourself is fantastic. Being arrogant? Not so much. Flaunt your success all you want, just make sure you're not rubbing it in the face of someone who is still stuck in the beginning stages of their own journey. You want to inspire them to keep going, not beat them down further. That being said, you've earned this, Libras. Like Pegasus, you've worked hard, so take your rightful place among your heroes. You never know, you might wind up being a hero to someone else.




This month will either result in you fierce and independent Scorpios feeling entirely at home and in your element, or it will leave you feeling like a fish gasping on dry land. This is because you are being asked to fully embrace your watery nature and everything that comes with it. Piscis Austrinus, or the Great Fish, is connected to the Syrian myth of the goddess Atargatis who fell into a lake and was rescued by a giant fish. Meanwhile, Volans represents a flying fish leaping out of the water to escape the mighty swordfish, Dorado. This month, you may find yourself being called to the aid and protection of others, as the Great Fish was when Atargatis was in peril, and you will find that this role satisfies your desire to be in control and your loyalty to those around you. Leadership is your bread and butter, and you thrive in situations where you can take on the role of savior. But this is also a warning to be aware of how much danger you are putting yourself in. Like Volans, you are capable of escaping anything, but to do so you must put yourself in positions that are not conducive to your nature. After all, just because a flying fish can leap through the air doesn't mean that they can breathe it. There is no shame in backing away from a problem when the going seems to be getting rough, especially if that will save you further trouble down the line. Throw yourself into things wholeheartedly but don't lose yourself so completely that you wind up in dangerous straights. 




This month, those born under the curious and nimble-minded sign of Sagittarius will find themselves in situations in which they thrive. The constellation Lynx is not linked with any particular myth, although some have drawn connections to the keen-sighted Lynceus who sailed with Jason and the Argonauts, but was named such because it is so faint that only those with the eyesight of a Lynx would be able to see it. For you inquisitive Sagittarians, seeking truths which others overlook is a grand adventure. You delight in digging into knowledge that others take for granted and spending great time examining the world around you and picking out the minuscule but fascinating details. As a result, you may become aware of opportunities that would otherwise have been missed, secret discoveries that open the door to incredible possibilities for you. Just remember that not all truths are pleasant and some secrets may make us wish we never looked closer in the first place. If you are not prepared to deal with whatever you find, for good or ill, then you may be better off going about your day. But if you are willing to take the bad with the good and to pursue truth for the sake of truth, then you may find yourself unlocking an amazing journey that surpasses anything your imagination could have conjured up for you. Happy hunting, Sagittarius!




Steady and reliable though you are, Capricorns, this month is not going to be easy for you. Cetus was a mighty sea monster sent by Poseidon to consume Andromeda, and so, too, are there doubts and fears lurking below the surface of your mind, waiting to rise up and overshadow any sense of motivation or hope for the future that you may have. The thing is, nine times out of ten these doubts are nothing more than figments of your imagination. Fear of the unknown is a powerful thing, one that can paralyze us or at the very least convince us of the certainty of monsters hiding in the deep and give us pause in our adventures. Of course, there is the occasional chance that monsters are real, and you would do well to listen to your instincts if they seem to be screaming out that something is not right, but more often than not it is just fear creating excuses to hold us back and keep us from pursuing our passions. Your message is simple: do not let this stop you. In the myth of Cetus, Andromeda was saved by the hero Perseus who slew the voracious sea monster. You are being called to be your own Perseus. Face your monsters like the hero you are and stop them dead in their tracks. Will it be easy? Far from it. But you have all the tools you need to persevere. Take heart and be bold. After all, bravery is not the absence of fear but the decision to push forward in spite of it. 




This is an interesting card for you, Aquarians, for though you are quite sly and witty you are also something of a tender heart. Vulpecula is not connected to any myth but rather is one of two constellations that make up a small fox devouring a goose, and you are being encouraged to be the fox. Now, before your compassionate heart gets all aflutter, I am not telling you to go out and take advantage of some poor soul or to put your own personal gains before another's. However, this is a reminder that sometimes you need to get a little competitive. It's good, healthy even, to develop some skills when it comes to maneuvering through life and gaming the system. This month, put the little fox's sly mind and trickery to use and set out to find a way to get what's yours. This is no month for outright displays of strength or bravado but rather intelligence and cunning. This is about you outwitting the competition (life, the man, whatever) and finding your way to victory using your brains, something those born under the sign of Aquarius are quite good at when they put their minds to it. Just be alert, for there may be others around who are also skilled in the art of foxy trickery and are looking out for their own self-interests, and they may not be so inclined to draw the line at hurting others to get what they want. Using your wits to get ahead also means looking out for yourself. Don't go so far that you lose your moral compass, but do be sure that you're protecting yourself in the process. After all, we all need to be a little self-centered sometimes. This is your month to focus on your needs and your needs alone and do whatever it takes to see them met. 




And so we come at last to my fellow Pisceans. Ursa Minor tells us the story of Arcas, son of Zeus and the nymph Callisto. Unbeknownst to Arcas, his mother was transformed into a bear by a jealous Hera. When their paths crossed, Callisto rushed to greet her son, but Arcas, not recognizing her, attempted to shoot her, and it was only by Zeus' intervention that she was not killed. Zeus placed mother and son in the sky, creating the constellations we now know as the Big and Little Dippers. Your message this month is to be careful not to jump to conclusions. This can be difficult for us Pisces folk, as we are sensitive souls and have a tendency to take things personally, but there is often much more happening under the surface than is apparent at first glance. Tap into your empathetic nature and give yourself time to decipher the situation before making your final judgement. Sometimes the people or situations that seem least appealing to us at first blush wind up being the most rewarding investments. However, sometimes things are exactly what they seem. If someone or something is truly abhorrent to you, do not force yourself to bend over backwards trying to find justification or understanding. Simply excuse yourself and move along. This is about being open to situations that  may be fulfilling, not putting up with the BS of every person you meet. Allow yourself to explore the world on a different plane. You will be the better for it. 

And thus ends our April tarotscopes! If you enjoyed them please comment with your thoughts and share the post. And if you like my tarot readings, don't forget to check out my Etsy shop and follow me on Instagram for more tarot-y goodness. Until next week! 

March 2016 Tarotscopes

Today is March 1st, and one of my favorite things about the start of a new month is reading tarotscopes. What are tarotscopes, you ask? If you guessed horoscopes done by way of a tarot reading, you are absolutely correct. Like tarot, horoscopes get a bit of a bad rap because their portrayal in pop culture and the fact that we often associate them with people who are behaving in unpleasant ways, whether it's someone who is making questionable claims in order to pull one over on us or somebody who has an unhealthy reliance on astrology. But when used in moderation, astrology is just another way to attempt to make sense of an often confusing and disorganized world. Besides, reading your horoscope, tarot or otherwise, can be a lot of fun, and it can indeed be useful if you choose to view it as something of a weather report on the energy surrounding you today/this week/this month rather than a concrete prediction. 

There are a couple of readers whose tarotscopes I follow on a monthly basis (Veronica Varlow and Louise Androlia are my favorites, check 'em out), but this month I find I'm feeling a bit restless. Maybe it's because I've been thinking a lot about how to kickstart my tarot business and really integrate it into all parts of my life. Maybe it's because the weather's been warming up, and I've got a little bit of the spring fever setting in. Maybe it's because March is my birthday month, and I always get a little bit antsy around this time of year. Whatever the reason, this morning I decided that reading my tarotscopes wasn't enough - I wanted to try making my own. I love reading cards for other people, and I've been finding great joy in doing public tarot posts for my friends, family, and followers (like my weekly Forecast Friday readings over on Instagram). I'm always looking for new ways to open that up and put even more readings out into the world, and what better way than by sharing the joy of tarotscopes with you, my dear readers? So, I grabbed my iPhone and my Prisma Visions deck, pulled a card for each zodiac sign in turn, and then spent WAY too much time staging photos around my apartment. In short, it was a delightful afternoon, and I am beyond thrilled to be able to share the results with you. So without further ado, here are your March 2016 tarotscopes...



Happy birthday, my fellow Piscean dreamers! Your card this month is The Hermit, and he's telling you to slooooww down. It can be so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life, but in doing so we often forget to check in with ourselves and see what we really and truly need to keep ourselves energized, nourished, and centered. The Hermit urges you to take a step back from your daily comings and goings and look inwards. How are you feeling? What do you need right now? What is ringing the most true for you, and what knowledge no longer sits well with your current identity? So often we look to other people for answers and define ourselves based on external factors, but that path only leads to dissatisfaction and low self-confidence when projects and ventures go sideways. Connect with your inner self and ground yourself in your own truths and identity, then use your newfound perspective to illuminate the world around you. When you approach your life from a position of strong self-knowledge and assurance, you are much more empowered and effective in your actions, and you remain unshakeable no matter what challenges you encounter. 



March doesn't belong solely to us watery fishes; we also share this birthday month with some of you fiery rams as well! The Six of Swords is telling you it's time to move on from a situation that has been causing you stress and frustration. Aries are a stubborn bunch, and it can be tempting for you to keep butting your head against a problem until you make a breakthrough. But some conflicts cannot be resolved through perseverance, and sometimes the best we can do is see to our own mental health and remove ourselves from the situation, at least until things cool down. It may be painful, and it may wound your pride, but there are much better things for you on the horizon. Make the choice to step away and turn your attention towards something else. Your energy and quick wit will be put to better use elsewhere. 



What a fortuitous draw! No card embodies the energy of Taurus folks better than the King of Pentacles. He is all about taking charge of a situation and dictating a plan of action. This month you are being urged to quite literally take the bull by the horns and enforce some structure in your physical reality. Have a project that needs to get done? No problem, you can create a schedule that ensures daily progress will be made. Don't have time to handle everything yourself? That's fine, you are a master delegator. You'll find someone with the time and talent to do the things that you cannot. You are ready to take action and watch as success and good fortune falls into your lap as a result of your hard work. You thrive on this solid, earthy energy. Just be sure not to get TOO controlling. Remember, a good leader knows when to listen to the advice of others in order to keep things flowing smoothly. Rule your life with a firm but gentle hand, and there is no end to the prosperity that March will bring you.  



As cheesy as it sounds, Gemini, you are being urged to follow your heart this month. More specifically, go after the things in your life that make you the most happy. Forget practicality, forget logic, the Knight of Chalices is a hopeless romantic who thinks only of pleasure and joy. He is the very definition of high on life, highly sensitive, passionate, and deeply creative. Do you want to wrap yourself in a daydream? Sit on the banks of a river and paint beautiful scenery or write poetry? Fall head over heels in love? The Knight of Chalices says go for it. So long as you are not stomping all over the happiness and wellbeing of someone else, there is no reason for you not to pursue your heart's desire with abandon. Immerse yourself in the experience of living and dream your way into happiness. Just remember to keep at least some grip on reality, else you'll be swept away by fantasies and be dealt a rude awakening at the end of the month when the real world catches up with you. 

March Tarotscope - Cancer.jpg


My dear, crabby little Cancers, this month The World is your oyster. You are being encouraged to venture out of your shell and engage fully with the ebb and flow of the universe. This is the card of completion and the successful conclusion of a cycle. On some level, this month is about mastering your goals and achieving whatever it was you set out to do. This may be a big, obvious success story or it could be something smaller, more subtle. Whatever it is, look around you, appreciate all that you have done and feel that sense of accomplishment. Immerse yourself in the present moment and feel the connection you have to everything and everyone around you, for The World is not just about patting yourself on the back for goals reached, it is also about connecting fully with your community and understanding the ways in which everything is intertwined. It is a joyful card, for success feels damn good, but it can be a bit bittersweet as you know you have reached the end of this particular journey. Take the time to enjoy this moment, knowing full well that each cycle's completion ushers in the beginning of a new journey, a new project. Soon it will be time to contemplate your next step, but for now relax and enjoy the ride.

March Tarotscope - Leo.jpg


I know you like to play tough, Leo, but deep down you're a sensitive soul who values your relationships deeply. For you, March is all about tapping into your softer side and engaging with your loved ones. The Ten of Chalices is all about happiness and harmony, those moments when you're perfectly in alignment and connecting with yourself and the people around you on a deep emotional level. This month, it feels like everything is as it should be, like you're vibrating on the same frequency as the people you love most in the world. This sort of peaceful flow requires you to lower your guard and let that fiery bravado drop away for a time, but you'll be so content you won't even miss it. This doesn't mean stop being yourself - nothing could stop a Leo from being bold and dramatic, and trying to quash that side of yourself will only dim your shine and make you feel the opposite of the Ten's contentedness - but it does mean resisting the urge to stir up drama just for the sake of excitement. Let yourself relax and enjoy your time in this emotional paradise. Eventually, life will pick up again, schedules will get busy, and the cycle will start anew, but for this month, at least, you've got your people by your side and all is right with the world.  

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Oh sweet Virgo, you're having a bit of a tough time of it this month. Lots of thoughts, doubts, and anxieties are whirling around your head, leaving you a bit overwhelmed, paralyzed,  and unsure of where to turn next. The Nine of Swords is telling you that it's time to face your fears and see them for what they really are. What gives these sort of thoughts power over us is our reluctance to look them dead in the eyes. Instead, they lurk around the perimeter, slipping in when you least expect it and making you feel as if they are inescapable. If your demons are going to catch up with you regardless, why not use this opportunity to take full stock of them? Grab your pen and make a list of everything that is weighing on you. Admit your fears to a close friend/family member/professional and talk your way through them. It's impossible to come up with a plan of attack if you don't even know what you're dealing with, so take this month to sort through all the dreck that has arisen for you and take stock so you are prepared to address it when the time comes. Remember, as overwhelming as everything seems right now, it will pass. It always does. So why not help it along a little bit? You can let your worries steamroll you or you can take this chance to reclaim your power. You've got this.

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For you, Libras, this month is all about taking a stand. I know, you're the scales, you're all about balance, and diplomacy is your bread and butter. But sometimes you need to say enough is enough. The Page of Swords tells you to slice away everything that is clouding your head - doubts, confusion, even the opinions of other people - in order to get to the truth. Do you want to say "yes" to something you're unsure of, or do you need more time to do your research, dig deep, and establish a strong position? Embrace the wide-eyed idealism of the Page and don't be afraid to stick to your principles. Sometimes the best way to regain balance in a situation is by speaking up and speaking out. After all, what good is a deal if your needs were never a part of the negotiation to begin with? Give yourself the space to be curious, to seek the truth, and to make an informed decision as to what is best for you and go from there. Those who care about you will respect your decision and, knowing your dedication to the pursuit of harmony, will understand the weight it carries and negotiate from there. 

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The Chariot is all about focus and motivation, which is perfect energy for all you Scorpios out there. This card reminds you that you are the one in control of your future; if you don't like the direction in which you are headed, take the wheel and change course. Set your sights on your goal this month and don't stop until you reach it. And if, for some reason, you find you are spinning your wheels and feel like you're getting nowhere, take a minute to reassess. Is something in your life out of balance? Are you REALLY sure this is what you want, or are you just moving for the sake of movement? Is this path taking all of your needs into account, or is it focusing on one at the expense of the others? Like any vehicle, a broken or misaligned piece can send the whole thing careening out of control, so make sure you're finally tuned and in balance before racing off after your dreams. Once you've got everything in line, there's nothing that can stop you.  Go get 'em, Scorpio!



March is all about hard work and strong foundations for those in the Sagittarius crowd. You are truly in the thick of things, focused wholeheartedly on building the reality that you want to live in, but this is not something you can do by yourself. The message of the Three of Pentacles is that success requires a strong foundation and careful planning. You are being urged to spend this month taking an honest look at what you want to achieve and then diligently plotting out every step it will take you to get there. The Three also reminds us that we cannot accomplish this alone; most of us do not have every skill required to help us accomplish our goals, and so we look to those around us. What are you struggling with, and do you know someone who is skilled in that area? Talk to them, offer to help them in return, charm the pants off them, and bring them onboard. All of us are stronger with a team of likeminded, diversely-talented people at our backs. You have lofty goals, but you will be able to achieve them with a clear plan of action, a lot of hard work, and the assistance of your team. So get to plotting. 



Ah, Death. One of my favorite cards in the deck. Before you panic, faithful Capricorn friends, let me assure you that this card is not the terrifying omen it seems to be. Death speaks of endings, yes, but metaphorical ones, the death of one cycle of life and the rebirth of the next. Your message for the month of March is that it's time for a change, and a big one at that. Things that once felt so right are no longer fitting you properly, and it's time for you to shed that which is no longer working for you in order to let a new life path begin. These changes are not always comfortable, but they are necessary; we cannot stay the way we are now forever, and the truth of the matter is that if you tried to hold onto the past you would only find yourself in more misery and discomfort than if you embraced the transformation. Chances are you know a change is nigh and are ready for it, on some level, whether you realize it or not. Let go of the old you so that a new you can burst forth, brighter and better than ever, like a phoenix from the ashes. 



Oh my bright, vibrant Aquarius, explosive changes are in store for you this month. The Tower is one of the most destructive cards in the deck, warning of the shattering of illusions and the crumbling of that which is no longer viable. As terrifying as this may sound, there is a silver lining to it: once the dust has settled and the air has cleared, you can look around and see what is still standing. Anything that survives that sort of upheaval is built to stand the test of time, don't you think? The collapse of The Tower shakes us to our core, but it also helps us to reveal the very foundations of ourselves and help us refocus on that which is most important to us. It also leaves us with a fresh slate on which to build something stronger and better in its place. It is quite literally a breakthrough, and once we are no longer wasting our energy and resources on propping up a dilapidated, unsteady structure, we can put them to much better use. This card is a message that it's time for a drastic change, and if you aren't willing to make it yourself it will be made for you. Ominous as this sounds, it's a blessing in disguise. Now you know it's coming. Now you have time to prepare. The more you commit to making these changes yourself, the less painful the transition will be when they come to pass. Prepare yourself for a wild ride and be ready to see things with fresh eyes once it's all over. 


And thus ends our tarotscopes for the month of March. I hope they were, if not enjoyable, then at least enlightening. I will most likely be making this a regular feature on my blog going forward, so check back next month to see what April has in store for you. And if you liked this reading and want more, be sure to follow me on Instagram and/or purchase a full, personalized reading from my Etsy shop.