July Tarotscopes

Welcome back for your July Tarotscopes! We skipped a month there, but everything is back on track. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of tarotscopes, this is a monthly reading where I draw a card for each sign in the zodiac. Think of it less as a prediction of your future and more as a bit of advice to help you navigate the month. For me, it's just one more fun way to experiment with my decks and bring the experience of a tarot reading to the public. This month's readings are done with the gorgeous Raven's Prophecy Tarot by Maggie Stiefvater. 


Cancer - Three of Cups

Happy birthday, sweet Cancers! You are in your water element this month; the Three of Cups is the card of celebration, emotional support, and community, and your message for July is to focus your time and energy on your nearest and dearest. These are the people who have your back no matter what, the ones who root for you time and time again and are there to lift your spirits when you're feeling down. Perhaps you have one or two friends or family who fill this role, or maybe you have a whole crew (a squad, if you will). Either way, it's time to shower them with a little TLC and let them shower you with love in return. Life can get busy, and it's easy to push socialization aside as other responsibilities clamor for your attention, but chances are the longer you go between conversations and coffee dates with your Person(s), the more stressed out you become. And what better way to spend your birthday month than celebrating with the people you love best? If you find yourself feeling run-down (or even if it's just been a while), schedule a reunion with one or more of the folks who make up your Three of Cups community. You will feel so much better for it.



Leo - Knight of Wands

Bold Leos, your message for this month is to harness your creative energy and channel it into single-minded pursuit of your goals. The Knight of Wands is a brave adventurer and passionate artist, someone who sets her sights on success and doesn't give up until she reaches it. This kind of dedication and zeal is the bread and butter of your fiery personality; without something to focus your energy on, you often find yourself becoming listless. Let this serve as your permission to launch yourself headlong into your pursuits without thought or fear of what could go wrong. You know what your soul is truly craving - chances are you've been secretly plotting its pursuit in the back of your mind for quite some time now, even if it was just in idle daydreams. Now is the time to throw caution to the wind and make your dreams a reality. True, you may get burned along the way, but what's passion without a little risk? The end results will be well worth it. Go get 'em, Leo!



Virgo - Ace of Wands

Clever Virgos, your card this month is the Ace of Wands. The Ace urges you to seize hold of the creative spark, that first inkling of an idea that lights up your brain with possibilities. You are being called to get in touch with your muses and see what delicious prospects you can stir up. No idea is too outlandish, no goal too far out of your reach. Now is not the time to bog yourself down with logistics, plans, or doubts. There will be plenty of time for plotting your way forward later. This is simply the first step, that small stirring of possibility in the corner of your mind that makes your heart skip a beat. Focus your energy on nurturing this tiny spark into full blaze; even the slightest whisper of doubt may be enough to snuff it out, so feed it with your belief, your curiosity, and your determination. Once you are sure of its viability, you can dedicate yourself to figuring out how to make it a reality. For now, enjoy the feeling of creating something new and starting fresh. 



Libra - Ten of Swords

Dearest Libras, this is not the easiest of months for you. You may find yourself venturing into dark places in your head or feeling like the world is working against you. The Ten of Swords is all about the discomfort that we often find as we end one mental cycle and prepare for the next. The good news is that this despair is temporary; in fact, it always appears right before things take a turn for the better. Brighter days on the horizon, even if it doesn't necessarily feel like it. Your message this month is to sit with the discomfort and find what it has to teach you. After all, even the worst days can bring us wisdom and help us grow into the person we're meant to be, and you better than anyone know that our light side is nothing without darkness to balance us out. You have survived life's trials in the past, and this time is no different. Hold your head up high and face whatever life is planning to deal you with grace and confidence. The sooner you find your rhythm, the sooner you'll find yourself on the Ace of Swords' bright shores once again. 



Scorpio - Four of Coins

Passionate Scorpios, the Four of Coins speaks of the dangers of having it all. Often we work and work until we gain everything that we set our sights on, only to find ourselves trapped by the very treasures we sought. We become so afraid of losing everything we worked for that we become paralyzed, unable to move or grow as we cling tightly to our hard-earned gains. Your message for July is to take a moment to get comfortable with letting go. After all, just because you fought for something doesn't mean you should be bound to it forever, nor does letting go mean you will never find such riches again. Coins may refer to physical gains, but like everything in life the material world relies on having a free and natural flow and an exchange of goods. The more you clutch your possessions to you, the more stuck you will become, leaving you feeling stagnant and impoverished. Take a deep breath and loosen your grip. Yes, you will have to release some things that you were hoping to keep for a while longer, but this frees you up to seek even greater gains. Thank them for their service and step forward, unburdened. You will be amazed at how free you feel.



Sagittarius - Four of Cups

Ah, my restless Sagittarians, you are being handed a pause yourselves, but in the realm of emotions. The Four of Cups speaks of isolation and solitude, perhaps not of your choosing, and it can be easy to feel like the rest of the world is off having fun without you. You may find yourself feeling just a bit out of sync with the people around you, which can lead to frustration and bitterness. However, this is also a chance to get in touch with yourself and recalibrate your needs and desires without the input of others. If used for your own purposes, this moment of quiet contemplation can be a blessing in disguise, as it forces you to shut out distractions and points of view that may conflict with what your intuition is telling you is necessary. If you do find yourself feeling shut away from the rest of the world, you have two choices: you can wallow in loneliness and jealousy, or you can take this chance to get really clear on what your own heart is trying to tell you. I'm sure you can guess which option will be more beneficial to you. It may not feel comfortable or natural to sit silently with your own thoughts, but it will bring you more wisdom than you can possibly imagine, and you will end the month fully prepared to jump back into life's adventures with renewed vigor. 



Capricorn - Ten of Cups

My dearest Capricorns, your message this month is to relish the feeling of accomplishment. You may have missed it as you toiled away at your work, but you have succeeded in achieving emotional abundance beyond your wildest dreams. The Ten of Cups speaks of perfect harmony and the feeling that all is as it should be. True, like all suits, this is just a stage in a cycle that will soon start all over again, but for the moment you are being urged to enjoy yourself. Regardless of where you are in your physical or creative journeys, you have found a sense of wellbeing and purpose, and that is worth more than gold. You cannot control what happens next, but you can choose to make the most of this feeling for as long as it lasts. It's not something that comes around all that often, so give yourself a break from all that hard work and spend some time celebrating your hard-won happiness with your friends and family. You have more than earned it.



Aquarius - Four of Wands

Lovely Aquarius, you have spent so much time focusing your energy on getting your projects off the ground that you haven't given yourself a chance to acknowledge just how far you've come. It's all too easy to get stuck looking at the finish line, and while it's always good to know how much further you have to go, it can also lead to the feeling that you aren't making any progress at all. This could not be further from the truth. The Four of Wands reminds us not to underestimate the difficulty of starting something new or how much it takes out of you. The next time you find yourself measuring yourself against a goal that seems as far away as when you started, turn your gaze instead to where you began. Look at how much you have accomplished since you took those first steps and give yourself a chance to fully appreciate and celebrate just how much it has taken to get you where you are today. Pushing forward with no chance for rest is a surefire recipe for burnout, whereas stopping to boost your ego adds fuel to the fires of your passions so that when you're ready to jump back into the fray, you can do so with even more energy than before. You have come so far, and you deserve a night off to recognize that. 



Pisces - Page of Cups

Dreamy Pisces, your message this month falls well within your comfort zone. The Page of Cups reminds you to open yourself up to the messages of the universe and approach each new situation with a clear heart and fresh eyes. Yes, you may have been hurt in the past, but that has no bearing on where you are now; if anything, it's made you more resolute to see the best in people and surround yourself with those who live up to your high expectations. The emotional connections you make with others are your secret weapon - where others succeed because of their diligence and determination, you find opportunities simply by engaging with the people you meet along your journey. Keep your eyes open to the possibility for happiness, new friendship, and even magic wherever you go. By believing in the best in the world, you will set yourself up to uncover it. Resist any inklings of cynicism or doubt and greet the world with your arms stretched wide open. It will respond in kind.



Aries - Six of Coins

This month's message is clear, brash Aries - share in your wealth. The Six of Coins speaks of the importance of giving and receiving resources, and while you may not be swimming in money, chances are you have an excess of something that others are in need of. If you find yourself in a position to give, do so freely and without expectation of reciprocation. But while you may give selflessly, do not be ashamed if you find yourself in a position where you are in need of help yourself. We all have finite resources, skills that are less than polished, or advice that we lack, and true success comes from acknowledging when we cannot make it on our own. Do not look at it as an admission of failure but rather as a natural part of life, one that you can and will handle confidently and graciously. It takes great courage to admit when you cannot do something all by yourself, and by doing so you will put yourself in a position to be far more triumphant than had you continued pushing forward on your own. Give freely, accept willingly, and engage fully in the exchange of goods and services that keeps the world working. Even the most independent among us is much stronger as part of a community than they could ever be on their own. 



Taurus - Ten of Wands

Loyal Taurus, you have reached the end of an endeavor and discovered that success is not all you thought it would be. It's not that you are disappointed by the results, but you have discovered that your burden has grown rather than shrunk as you've gotten further towards your goals. The Ten of Wands reminds you that everything comes with a price, and the price of success is the responsibility of maintaining all that you worked for. This can be a daunting and exhausting task, so this month you are being charged with figuring out which parts you want to maintain and what you want to delegate or let go of in order to free up some of your energy for wherever life takes you next. Whatever you decide, remember that the burden may be heavy but you are up to the task of bearing it, and there is pride to be taken in carrying your work on your own. Everything that you have achieved was born of your blood, sweat, and tears, so hold your head high, square your shoulders, and let the weight of responsibility settle comfortably on you. It may not be the most glamorous of resolutions, but it will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that you have shaped your own world. That's more than many can hope for.



Gemini - Nine of Coins

Gemini, my love, this month's message is that you have everything you need. The Nine of Coins is the card of abundance and self-reliance. This is not the wild and decadent wealth of the Ten, but rather having just enough to get by comfortably. Not only that, but everything that you possess came as the result of your own hard work and careful planning, so while you may still dream of riches and luxuries that are currently out of your grasp, there is something deeply satisfying about looking at the world around you and knowing that you built it from scratch. Take some time to enjoy everything that you have created - the happy home, the check that covers this month's rent, the good health. Having your material world under control, even for a moment, is no small feat. Don't let up in your efforts to create the life you want, but as you continue pushing forward, dedicate some of your energy and time towards enjoying all that you have earned for yourself. After all, what is the point of building a beautiful life if you aren't going to soak it in? Gemini energy is all about duality, so bring that into your life by balancing your hard work with a healthy appreciation for all that you have done so far. It will make your continued efforts that much more rewarding.

I hope you enjoyed your tarotscopes this month, or at least found them enlightening. If you want more tarot readings, be sure to check out the daily and weekly draws I do on Instagram and check out my Etsy shop or the Tarot Readings link above for your very own personalized reading.