April 2016 Tarotscopes

Ah, April 1st, one of the most hated days of the year on the internet. In lieu of posting some practical joke that will likely not be found funny, I decided to lay out your tarot messages for the month of April. Unfortunately, the week was so packed it took me three days to finish them, but better late than never, right? For those who are just tuning in, an explanation can be found in my March Tarotscopes post, but the short version is that this is a tarot reading for each sign in the zodiac. This month's readings are going to be a bit different, as I am not using a traditional deck. You see, I just got this awesome Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck that I have been itching to use for a bigger tarot project, but as it doesn't follow the commonly-known Rider Waite tarot system, I've been using it as a giant oracle deck. What does this mean for you? Not much, actually, just that I'm ignoring the card's titles (The Hermit, 8 of Air, etc.) and working solely with the names of the constellations, planets, and other celestial bodies. This has been way more fun, because it means I get to learn a lot more about the stars (I really love stars, but I don't actually know much about the constellations. New knowledge!), but it's also the reason it took so long to write them because I wound up spending a fair bit of time researching myths and constellations. The things I do to myself for my art... Anyway, without further ado, here are your April 2016 Tarotscopes:




Happy birthday, you fiery, vibrant Aries folks! This month is all about transformation for you and transitioning into new roles in your life. In mythology, Saturn was often seen as a god of both agriculture and time, both of which are areas that involve cyclical change. Similar to the Death card in a traditional tarot deck, this means you may be asked to let go of things which are no longer serving your purposes in order to move forward into the next cycle. But this change is not sudden or traumatic, it's something that happens gradually over time. Sit with the choices ahead of you, ask yourself which is best for you, take the time to make these decisions and do them right. If you are being affected by things outside of your control, allow yourself the space to adjust to them in your own time. You don't have to become a different person overnight. Just remember that there is a difference between taking the time to work through things and resisting change. If you can make a little adjustment every day, you will be golden. Drag your heels, and this month may not be particularly pleasant for you. Transitions are scary, but they are ultimately good. Embrace the change and the possibilities that it opens up for you.



Get ready, lovely Taureans, for this month is all about chasing your dreams. The myth of Canis Major tells us of the incredible dog Laelaps, given to Europa by Zeus and said to be so fast it could catch anything it chased. You are being nudged to this kind of single-minded focus on your own pursuits, to set your sights on your goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them. This may mean taking decisive action or it may mean pursuing knowledge and understanding that will help you get closer to success. Either way, this sort of stubborn dedication is right in your wheelhouse. Though distractions may arise and other people may demand your time, your thoughts are locked on your own needs this month, and with good reason. You know that when you set your mind to success, there is nothing that can stand in your way. However, as much as this card is an encouragement, it is also a warning, for the myth of Laelaps ends with him pursuing a fox that could never be caught, causing Zeus to send them both to the heavens for their chase will last for eternity. Be careful not to be so narrow in your scope that you run yourself to exhaustion with no end in sight or drive away all those who might offer assistance. Focus is good, but like anything it's best used in moderation. Follow your instincts and you will know when it's time to rush forward and when it might be better to slow it down and take a break. Pacing is key to making sure you don't burn out along the way.




This month's message may feel a bit unnatural to you, my mercurial Geminis, because it is asking you to set aside your pursuit of adventure and excitement in favor of a more stolid task. The tale of Pavo is one of vigilance and duty. Like Argus, the many-eyed giant who was charged by Hera with guardianship over the pregnant nymph Io, you are being urged to dedicate yourself to the maintenance of something that is already in existence rather than rushing off to start something new. This may sound dull and repetitive, but the harsh truth of life is that sometimes seemingly boring tasks are necessary in order to create something greater in the future. Your joy can be found here in paying attention to the details, for there are nuances in every day's work. However, if your attention wavers, you may find things falling down around your ears, as Argus did when he succumbed to Zeus's distractions and was killed. In those moments of doubt, when you find yourself wondering what it's all about and whether the work you're doing is worth it, remind yourself that something you have put great time into watching over and shaping will be much more fulfilling in the end than something you slapped together before running off to your next big adventure (and your next... and your next...). If you want to create something lasting, something influential that may even outlive your own personal notoriety, then you need to buckle down and do the hard labor, even the parts that are boring. Legend says that after his death, Hera honored Argus by placing an "eye" on each peacock feather. So, too, will you be remembered through the tales of your work if you are willing to fight the urge to pursue immediate gratification and instead commit to the longer haul. 




The myth of Delphinus tells of a poet and musician named Arion who, when faced with death on a ship from Lesbos, leapt into the ocean and was carried to safety by the dolphin Delphinus. Like Delphinus, who had been drawn only by Arion's beautiful music and asked for nothing in return for his assistance, you may be called to the aid of someone else this month. Due to your sympathetic nature, sweet Cancers, this is as easy as pie for you. You often find yourself attuned to the struggles of others, and doing what you can to ease their burden is something that brings you great joy. If you find yourself in a situation where you are poised to help others, follow your intuition and give freely. However, you may find that this month you are not Delphinus but rather Arion, in need of some assistance and compassion yourself. This is far less comfortable for you, I know, but do not resist the aid of others due to pride or fear that their help may come with strings attached. You are not being urged to be naive or to trust blindly, but have faith that there is good in the world and when help is offered, do not be afraid to accept it. It is just as admirable to admit when we are in need as it is to offer our resources to others. As long as you set reasonable boundaries on what you are willing to give or receive, there is no danger in trusting in the good of humanity and allowing yourself to be a part of the exchange of energy and goodwill regardless of which position you find yourself in. Let the month of April restore your hope in the kindness of strangers.




Brave Leo, Puppis speaks of your strength and endurance regardless of what life throws at you. Puppis represents the stern of the ship Argo (of Jason and the Argonauts fame) and is one of three constellations that make up the celestial body of the ship. Like Jason, you may encounter some obstacles on your journey this month. Leos have never been one to back down from a challenge, but we all find ourselves stumbling occasionally. Let this be a reminder for those moments when you are doubting yourself or the road ahead looks bleak: you can get through this. You can survive. Not only that, but you have the strength to thrive. Fix your eyes on the horizon ahead of you and hold your head high as you sweep forward through April's tumultuous seas. You may not always feel like a bold hero, but you have the inner strength of one even on your most rough days. Whether you reach the finish line in victorious fashion or limp your way across it, the point is that you will reach it. Keep your chin up, Leo. Never stop fighting or tone down your fiery spirit. You've always been larger than life, and no matter how impossible victory seems I promise you, you've got this.



Dear Virgos, this month is all about tangible creation for you. You have a specific vision for your future, and now it's time to make it a reality. Allow yourself to get lost in the process of making something incredible, drowning out the voices of everyone around you. In the end, your life and your work can only reflect you - your personality, your experiences, your point of view - and excessively worrying about the opinions of others will only muddy the waters and lead to frustration. This is your vision, allow it to come to fruition in the way that's most natural to you. However, it is possible to be too wrapped up in your own perspective, and it never hurts to be aware of the context in which you are creating your masterpiece. Self-centeredness is a healthy trait in moderation, but too much of it at the expense of others can lead to great harm and conflict. Just because something is true to your experience does not mean that it may not be hurtful to others if you are inattentive to the ways in which you are conveying your truths. Accept constructive criticism and trust your ability to distinguish between what is necessary for you to hear and what you can brush off. Commit to your authenticity and creating great things, but do so with empathy and compassion for others and your work will transcend even your own wildest dreams.




You have an exciting month ahead of you, my darling Libras. Pegasus is the subject of many, many myths, but the most famous is the story of how the hero Bellerophon found the wild, untrained Pegasus and tamed him using a golden bridle, riding him into battle against the monster Chimaera and many others and cementing him in legend as the steed of heroes. Like Pegasus, you may have started out from a place of disorganization, with nothing but the seed of an idea niggling in your head and no idea how to turn it into reality. Now, you are bursting into full bloom and claiming your rightful recognition for all that you have been able to create. It's possible that this is the result of finding a partner in crime to help you realize your full potential, as Pegasus did in Bellerophon, or maybe you've just managed to find the right balance and bring it out in yourself. Either way, your genius is ready to be seen by the world. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for all you've managed to create, but be careful not to go too overboard. Being proud of yourself is fantastic. Being arrogant? Not so much. Flaunt your success all you want, just make sure you're not rubbing it in the face of someone who is still stuck in the beginning stages of their own journey. You want to inspire them to keep going, not beat them down further. That being said, you've earned this, Libras. Like Pegasus, you've worked hard, so take your rightful place among your heroes. You never know, you might wind up being a hero to someone else.




This month will either result in you fierce and independent Scorpios feeling entirely at home and in your element, or it will leave you feeling like a fish gasping on dry land. This is because you are being asked to fully embrace your watery nature and everything that comes with it. Piscis Austrinus, or the Great Fish, is connected to the Syrian myth of the goddess Atargatis who fell into a lake and was rescued by a giant fish. Meanwhile, Volans represents a flying fish leaping out of the water to escape the mighty swordfish, Dorado. This month, you may find yourself being called to the aid and protection of others, as the Great Fish was when Atargatis was in peril, and you will find that this role satisfies your desire to be in control and your loyalty to those around you. Leadership is your bread and butter, and you thrive in situations where you can take on the role of savior. But this is also a warning to be aware of how much danger you are putting yourself in. Like Volans, you are capable of escaping anything, but to do so you must put yourself in positions that are not conducive to your nature. After all, just because a flying fish can leap through the air doesn't mean that they can breathe it. There is no shame in backing away from a problem when the going seems to be getting rough, especially if that will save you further trouble down the line. Throw yourself into things wholeheartedly but don't lose yourself so completely that you wind up in dangerous straights. 




This month, those born under the curious and nimble-minded sign of Sagittarius will find themselves in situations in which they thrive. The constellation Lynx is not linked with any particular myth, although some have drawn connections to the keen-sighted Lynceus who sailed with Jason and the Argonauts, but was named such because it is so faint that only those with the eyesight of a Lynx would be able to see it. For you inquisitive Sagittarians, seeking truths which others overlook is a grand adventure. You delight in digging into knowledge that others take for granted and spending great time examining the world around you and picking out the minuscule but fascinating details. As a result, you may become aware of opportunities that would otherwise have been missed, secret discoveries that open the door to incredible possibilities for you. Just remember that not all truths are pleasant and some secrets may make us wish we never looked closer in the first place. If you are not prepared to deal with whatever you find, for good or ill, then you may be better off going about your day. But if you are willing to take the bad with the good and to pursue truth for the sake of truth, then you may find yourself unlocking an amazing journey that surpasses anything your imagination could have conjured up for you. Happy hunting, Sagittarius!




Steady and reliable though you are, Capricorns, this month is not going to be easy for you. Cetus was a mighty sea monster sent by Poseidon to consume Andromeda, and so, too, are there doubts and fears lurking below the surface of your mind, waiting to rise up and overshadow any sense of motivation or hope for the future that you may have. The thing is, nine times out of ten these doubts are nothing more than figments of your imagination. Fear of the unknown is a powerful thing, one that can paralyze us or at the very least convince us of the certainty of monsters hiding in the deep and give us pause in our adventures. Of course, there is the occasional chance that monsters are real, and you would do well to listen to your instincts if they seem to be screaming out that something is not right, but more often than not it is just fear creating excuses to hold us back and keep us from pursuing our passions. Your message is simple: do not let this stop you. In the myth of Cetus, Andromeda was saved by the hero Perseus who slew the voracious sea monster. You are being called to be your own Perseus. Face your monsters like the hero you are and stop them dead in their tracks. Will it be easy? Far from it. But you have all the tools you need to persevere. Take heart and be bold. After all, bravery is not the absence of fear but the decision to push forward in spite of it. 




This is an interesting card for you, Aquarians, for though you are quite sly and witty you are also something of a tender heart. Vulpecula is not connected to any myth but rather is one of two constellations that make up a small fox devouring a goose, and you are being encouraged to be the fox. Now, before your compassionate heart gets all aflutter, I am not telling you to go out and take advantage of some poor soul or to put your own personal gains before another's. However, this is a reminder that sometimes you need to get a little competitive. It's good, healthy even, to develop some skills when it comes to maneuvering through life and gaming the system. This month, put the little fox's sly mind and trickery to use and set out to find a way to get what's yours. This is no month for outright displays of strength or bravado but rather intelligence and cunning. This is about you outwitting the competition (life, the man, whatever) and finding your way to victory using your brains, something those born under the sign of Aquarius are quite good at when they put their minds to it. Just be alert, for there may be others around who are also skilled in the art of foxy trickery and are looking out for their own self-interests, and they may not be so inclined to draw the line at hurting others to get what they want. Using your wits to get ahead also means looking out for yourself. Don't go so far that you lose your moral compass, but do be sure that you're protecting yourself in the process. After all, we all need to be a little self-centered sometimes. This is your month to focus on your needs and your needs alone and do whatever it takes to see them met. 




And so we come at last to my fellow Pisceans. Ursa Minor tells us the story of Arcas, son of Zeus and the nymph Callisto. Unbeknownst to Arcas, his mother was transformed into a bear by a jealous Hera. When their paths crossed, Callisto rushed to greet her son, but Arcas, not recognizing her, attempted to shoot her, and it was only by Zeus' intervention that she was not killed. Zeus placed mother and son in the sky, creating the constellations we now know as the Big and Little Dippers. Your message this month is to be careful not to jump to conclusions. This can be difficult for us Pisces folk, as we are sensitive souls and have a tendency to take things personally, but there is often much more happening under the surface than is apparent at first glance. Tap into your empathetic nature and give yourself time to decipher the situation before making your final judgement. Sometimes the people or situations that seem least appealing to us at first blush wind up being the most rewarding investments. However, sometimes things are exactly what they seem. If someone or something is truly abhorrent to you, do not force yourself to bend over backwards trying to find justification or understanding. Simply excuse yourself and move along. This is about being open to situations that  may be fulfilling, not putting up with the BS of every person you meet. Allow yourself to explore the world on a different plane. You will be the better for it. 

And thus ends our April tarotscopes! If you enjoyed them please comment with your thoughts and share the post. And if you like my tarot readings, don't forget to check out my Etsy shop and follow me on Instagram for more tarot-y goodness. Until next week!