March 2016 Tarotscopes

Today is March 1st, and one of my favorite things about the start of a new month is reading tarotscopes. What are tarotscopes, you ask? If you guessed horoscopes done by way of a tarot reading, you are absolutely correct. Like tarot, horoscopes get a bit of a bad rap because their portrayal in pop culture and the fact that we often associate them with people who are behaving in unpleasant ways, whether it's someone who is making questionable claims in order to pull one over on us or somebody who has an unhealthy reliance on astrology. But when used in moderation, astrology is just another way to attempt to make sense of an often confusing and disorganized world. Besides, reading your horoscope, tarot or otherwise, can be a lot of fun, and it can indeed be useful if you choose to view it as something of a weather report on the energy surrounding you today/this week/this month rather than a concrete prediction. 

There are a couple of readers whose tarotscopes I follow on a monthly basis (Veronica Varlow and Louise Androlia are my favorites, check 'em out), but this month I find I'm feeling a bit restless. Maybe it's because I've been thinking a lot about how to kickstart my tarot business and really integrate it into all parts of my life. Maybe it's because the weather's been warming up, and I've got a little bit of the spring fever setting in. Maybe it's because March is my birthday month, and I always get a little bit antsy around this time of year. Whatever the reason, this morning I decided that reading my tarotscopes wasn't enough - I wanted to try making my own. I love reading cards for other people, and I've been finding great joy in doing public tarot posts for my friends, family, and followers (like my weekly Forecast Friday readings over on Instagram). I'm always looking for new ways to open that up and put even more readings out into the world, and what better way than by sharing the joy of tarotscopes with you, my dear readers? So, I grabbed my iPhone and my Prisma Visions deck, pulled a card for each zodiac sign in turn, and then spent WAY too much time staging photos around my apartment. In short, it was a delightful afternoon, and I am beyond thrilled to be able to share the results with you. So without further ado, here are your March 2016 tarotscopes...



Happy birthday, my fellow Piscean dreamers! Your card this month is The Hermit, and he's telling you to slooooww down. It can be so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life, but in doing so we often forget to check in with ourselves and see what we really and truly need to keep ourselves energized, nourished, and centered. The Hermit urges you to take a step back from your daily comings and goings and look inwards. How are you feeling? What do you need right now? What is ringing the most true for you, and what knowledge no longer sits well with your current identity? So often we look to other people for answers and define ourselves based on external factors, but that path only leads to dissatisfaction and low self-confidence when projects and ventures go sideways. Connect with your inner self and ground yourself in your own truths and identity, then use your newfound perspective to illuminate the world around you. When you approach your life from a position of strong self-knowledge and assurance, you are much more empowered and effective in your actions, and you remain unshakeable no matter what challenges you encounter. 



March doesn't belong solely to us watery fishes; we also share this birthday month with some of you fiery rams as well! The Six of Swords is telling you it's time to move on from a situation that has been causing you stress and frustration. Aries are a stubborn bunch, and it can be tempting for you to keep butting your head against a problem until you make a breakthrough. But some conflicts cannot be resolved through perseverance, and sometimes the best we can do is see to our own mental health and remove ourselves from the situation, at least until things cool down. It may be painful, and it may wound your pride, but there are much better things for you on the horizon. Make the choice to step away and turn your attention towards something else. Your energy and quick wit will be put to better use elsewhere. 



What a fortuitous draw! No card embodies the energy of Taurus folks better than the King of Pentacles. He is all about taking charge of a situation and dictating a plan of action. This month you are being urged to quite literally take the bull by the horns and enforce some structure in your physical reality. Have a project that needs to get done? No problem, you can create a schedule that ensures daily progress will be made. Don't have time to handle everything yourself? That's fine, you are a master delegator. You'll find someone with the time and talent to do the things that you cannot. You are ready to take action and watch as success and good fortune falls into your lap as a result of your hard work. You thrive on this solid, earthy energy. Just be sure not to get TOO controlling. Remember, a good leader knows when to listen to the advice of others in order to keep things flowing smoothly. Rule your life with a firm but gentle hand, and there is no end to the prosperity that March will bring you.  



As cheesy as it sounds, Gemini, you are being urged to follow your heart this month. More specifically, go after the things in your life that make you the most happy. Forget practicality, forget logic, the Knight of Chalices is a hopeless romantic who thinks only of pleasure and joy. He is the very definition of high on life, highly sensitive, passionate, and deeply creative. Do you want to wrap yourself in a daydream? Sit on the banks of a river and paint beautiful scenery or write poetry? Fall head over heels in love? The Knight of Chalices says go for it. So long as you are not stomping all over the happiness and wellbeing of someone else, there is no reason for you not to pursue your heart's desire with abandon. Immerse yourself in the experience of living and dream your way into happiness. Just remember to keep at least some grip on reality, else you'll be swept away by fantasies and be dealt a rude awakening at the end of the month when the real world catches up with you. 

March Tarotscope - Cancer.jpg


My dear, crabby little Cancers, this month The World is your oyster. You are being encouraged to venture out of your shell and engage fully with the ebb and flow of the universe. This is the card of completion and the successful conclusion of a cycle. On some level, this month is about mastering your goals and achieving whatever it was you set out to do. This may be a big, obvious success story or it could be something smaller, more subtle. Whatever it is, look around you, appreciate all that you have done and feel that sense of accomplishment. Immerse yourself in the present moment and feel the connection you have to everything and everyone around you, for The World is not just about patting yourself on the back for goals reached, it is also about connecting fully with your community and understanding the ways in which everything is intertwined. It is a joyful card, for success feels damn good, but it can be a bit bittersweet as you know you have reached the end of this particular journey. Take the time to enjoy this moment, knowing full well that each cycle's completion ushers in the beginning of a new journey, a new project. Soon it will be time to contemplate your next step, but for now relax and enjoy the ride.

March Tarotscope - Leo.jpg


I know you like to play tough, Leo, but deep down you're a sensitive soul who values your relationships deeply. For you, March is all about tapping into your softer side and engaging with your loved ones. The Ten of Chalices is all about happiness and harmony, those moments when you're perfectly in alignment and connecting with yourself and the people around you on a deep emotional level. This month, it feels like everything is as it should be, like you're vibrating on the same frequency as the people you love most in the world. This sort of peaceful flow requires you to lower your guard and let that fiery bravado drop away for a time, but you'll be so content you won't even miss it. This doesn't mean stop being yourself - nothing could stop a Leo from being bold and dramatic, and trying to quash that side of yourself will only dim your shine and make you feel the opposite of the Ten's contentedness - but it does mean resisting the urge to stir up drama just for the sake of excitement. Let yourself relax and enjoy your time in this emotional paradise. Eventually, life will pick up again, schedules will get busy, and the cycle will start anew, but for this month, at least, you've got your people by your side and all is right with the world.  

March Tarotscope - Virgo.jpg


Oh sweet Virgo, you're having a bit of a tough time of it this month. Lots of thoughts, doubts, and anxieties are whirling around your head, leaving you a bit overwhelmed, paralyzed,  and unsure of where to turn next. The Nine of Swords is telling you that it's time to face your fears and see them for what they really are. What gives these sort of thoughts power over us is our reluctance to look them dead in the eyes. Instead, they lurk around the perimeter, slipping in when you least expect it and making you feel as if they are inescapable. If your demons are going to catch up with you regardless, why not use this opportunity to take full stock of them? Grab your pen and make a list of everything that is weighing on you. Admit your fears to a close friend/family member/professional and talk your way through them. It's impossible to come up with a plan of attack if you don't even know what you're dealing with, so take this month to sort through all the dreck that has arisen for you and take stock so you are prepared to address it when the time comes. Remember, as overwhelming as everything seems right now, it will pass. It always does. So why not help it along a little bit? You can let your worries steamroll you or you can take this chance to reclaim your power. You've got this.

March Tarotscope - Libra.jpg


For you, Libras, this month is all about taking a stand. I know, you're the scales, you're all about balance, and diplomacy is your bread and butter. But sometimes you need to say enough is enough. The Page of Swords tells you to slice away everything that is clouding your head - doubts, confusion, even the opinions of other people - in order to get to the truth. Do you want to say "yes" to something you're unsure of, or do you need more time to do your research, dig deep, and establish a strong position? Embrace the wide-eyed idealism of the Page and don't be afraid to stick to your principles. Sometimes the best way to regain balance in a situation is by speaking up and speaking out. After all, what good is a deal if your needs were never a part of the negotiation to begin with? Give yourself the space to be curious, to seek the truth, and to make an informed decision as to what is best for you and go from there. Those who care about you will respect your decision and, knowing your dedication to the pursuit of harmony, will understand the weight it carries and negotiate from there. 

March Tarotscope - Scorpio.jpg


The Chariot is all about focus and motivation, which is perfect energy for all you Scorpios out there. This card reminds you that you are the one in control of your future; if you don't like the direction in which you are headed, take the wheel and change course. Set your sights on your goal this month and don't stop until you reach it. And if, for some reason, you find you are spinning your wheels and feel like you're getting nowhere, take a minute to reassess. Is something in your life out of balance? Are you REALLY sure this is what you want, or are you just moving for the sake of movement? Is this path taking all of your needs into account, or is it focusing on one at the expense of the others? Like any vehicle, a broken or misaligned piece can send the whole thing careening out of control, so make sure you're finally tuned and in balance before racing off after your dreams. Once you've got everything in line, there's nothing that can stop you.  Go get 'em, Scorpio!



March is all about hard work and strong foundations for those in the Sagittarius crowd. You are truly in the thick of things, focused wholeheartedly on building the reality that you want to live in, but this is not something you can do by yourself. The message of the Three of Pentacles is that success requires a strong foundation and careful planning. You are being urged to spend this month taking an honest look at what you want to achieve and then diligently plotting out every step it will take you to get there. The Three also reminds us that we cannot accomplish this alone; most of us do not have every skill required to help us accomplish our goals, and so we look to those around us. What are you struggling with, and do you know someone who is skilled in that area? Talk to them, offer to help them in return, charm the pants off them, and bring them onboard. All of us are stronger with a team of likeminded, diversely-talented people at our backs. You have lofty goals, but you will be able to achieve them with a clear plan of action, a lot of hard work, and the assistance of your team. So get to plotting. 



Ah, Death. One of my favorite cards in the deck. Before you panic, faithful Capricorn friends, let me assure you that this card is not the terrifying omen it seems to be. Death speaks of endings, yes, but metaphorical ones, the death of one cycle of life and the rebirth of the next. Your message for the month of March is that it's time for a change, and a big one at that. Things that once felt so right are no longer fitting you properly, and it's time for you to shed that which is no longer working for you in order to let a new life path begin. These changes are not always comfortable, but they are necessary; we cannot stay the way we are now forever, and the truth of the matter is that if you tried to hold onto the past you would only find yourself in more misery and discomfort than if you embraced the transformation. Chances are you know a change is nigh and are ready for it, on some level, whether you realize it or not. Let go of the old you so that a new you can burst forth, brighter and better than ever, like a phoenix from the ashes. 



Oh my bright, vibrant Aquarius, explosive changes are in store for you this month. The Tower is one of the most destructive cards in the deck, warning of the shattering of illusions and the crumbling of that which is no longer viable. As terrifying as this may sound, there is a silver lining to it: once the dust has settled and the air has cleared, you can look around and see what is still standing. Anything that survives that sort of upheaval is built to stand the test of time, don't you think? The collapse of The Tower shakes us to our core, but it also helps us to reveal the very foundations of ourselves and help us refocus on that which is most important to us. It also leaves us with a fresh slate on which to build something stronger and better in its place. It is quite literally a breakthrough, and once we are no longer wasting our energy and resources on propping up a dilapidated, unsteady structure, we can put them to much better use. This card is a message that it's time for a drastic change, and if you aren't willing to make it yourself it will be made for you. Ominous as this sounds, it's a blessing in disguise. Now you know it's coming. Now you have time to prepare. The more you commit to making these changes yourself, the less painful the transition will be when they come to pass. Prepare yourself for a wild ride and be ready to see things with fresh eyes once it's all over. 


And thus ends our tarotscopes for the month of March. I hope they were, if not enjoyable, then at least enlightening. I will most likely be making this a regular feature on my blog going forward, so check back next month to see what April has in store for you. And if you liked this reading and want more, be sure to follow me on Instagram and/or purchase a full, personalized reading from my Etsy shop.